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  1. Jim Dettman

    450x Baja Build

    Thanks for filling in the details....just trying to understand what really goes into a bike to prepare it for Baja. Jim.
  2. Jim Dettman


    Mixed thoughts on this. Growing up in Buffalo NY in the 60's Lake Erie was pretty foul. Environmental regulations have recovered the lake and it's now a sportsman fishery. If we want healthy lands and waters it appears there is a cost to do it. Shipping it off to another country because they don't care is a short term solution with the same long term consequences. Curious to know if the regs were adhered to if the cost would have been greater than the new transportation cost. I was in Buffalo as well during that time; remember Love Canal? What a mess. It will be interesting in the coming years to see how China deals with pollution. Look at Beijing...people have to walk around in surgical masks a lot of days just because so much particulate is in the air. For the Olympics, they had to shut down every plant in the area for two weeks just so they had reasonably clean air. And they've had a couple major spills now affecting drinking water (I think the one spill affected a city of 50,000). I don't think it will be long before China has to start introducing stricter standards and regulations of their own. Jim.
  3. Jim Dettman

    450x Baja Build

    Don't take this wrong and I don't want to come off as being a nay-sayer, but this thread is not exactly what I was expecting for a "Baja build". I thought you'd be showing us what you've done to it so it could stand up to the rigors of Baja. Maybe I misunderstood the intent though. For example, it would be nice if you outlined some of the reasons why your changing out some of these parts. ie. the rear sprocket....for increased wear? save weight? Both? Did you change the material type? How much weight did it save? Was there a purpose being coating the forks? etc. Some of it is obvious like the radiator work, but things like the sprocket or exhaust are not (least to me anyway). Jim.
  4. It certainly helps and as lanesey said, depends on what you want to put into this and what appeals to you. I write computer software. But I'm sure many would find it dull and boring. Outside of HVAC, I think one trade that gets overlooked a lot is welding. I don't have any specifics on that, but I know right now (I'm in Syracuse, NY), the local community college is running a special program to train welders because there are not enough to go around. It looks like a simple trade on the surface, but it is quite technical actually. I have been watching "this old tony" on youtube - the guy is simply brilliant. I've watched a lot of his videos even though I don't weld or machine anything. Their just fun and entertaining, and I learn a lot of things. He has one 20 minute video on what it takes to square a block of stock, and I wasn't bored for a single second. Being a machinist is another trade that pays well and I think many don't look towards (again though, I don't have hard facts to back that up really - just what I've heard). And of course electrical and plumbing should not be over looked either. Those always seem to be in demand, although I believe to a lesser extent and might not quite pay as well (and I may be off on that). And as well, appreciate your service to our country. Thank you. Jim.
  5. Jim Dettman

    2006 Honda CRF250X Valve Replacement

    A new head ready to go is probably not as expensive as you would think ($575): http://www.bigborethumpers.com/newheads.html By the time you pay for all your machining and parts, you're going to be most of the way there because if you plan on keeping the '06 head, you should have the valve seats replaced (not cut). As far as the power, to each his own, but unless your all out racing, I don't think it's worth it myself. SS gets triple the life of TI (300+ hours vs 100). If your really not riding it hard at all though, then TI can last quite a while and obviously that's what it came with. Jim.
  6. Jim Dettman

    2006 Honda CRF250X Valve Replacement

    Issue was the seat material. I would consider a new head from a later year. I would also suggest steel rather than TI. Will last much longer and most don't notice the difference. If your going to keep the head, I would also replace the valve guides. Jim.
  7. Jim Dettman

    How many chain links in 06 250x?

    114 links was the stock chain length and yes, you can drop 1 tooth on the front and still use the 114 chain. Jim.
  8. Jim Dettman

    Height challenged x

    BTW, lowering the subframe involves shorting the two tubes that support the rear of the seat. Jim.
  9. Jim Dettman

    Height challenged x

    The issue though with the Kouba link is it will throw the bike out of balance. You can't raise the forks in the triple clamps all that much because the tubes are tapered. I'd start with the seat, then the subframe (which lowers the tail end of the seat), and if still not enough, then get the suspension shortened front and rear. and yeah, the 38" seat height is a killer. I've only got a 30" inseam and can barely get a toe down. Jim.
  10. Jim Dettman

    06' CRF450X vs 09' CRF450X Cam decompressors

    Yes, it is a different setup. Jim.
  11. Jim Dettman


    The thing to keep in mind with gearing commander is that it's just based on math for the ratio's. It doesn't take into account real world things like air resistance, friction, etc. It's still a very nice tool though. Gives you a good idea of the differences from one setup to another. Jim.
  12. Jim Dettman


    "14/44 would get you almost to what you have now." Would suggest playing with gearing commander....it's quite the tool. let's you see speed at a given RPM, etc. Jim.
  13. Jim Dettman


    That's a fair jump shorter from where you are now. One tooth on the front is worth 3-4 on the back, so in essence you'd be going from 15:47 to 15:51 with a 14:48 (dropping one tooth on the front is worth three on the back and you said 48 on the back, which is one more than you have now). Playing with gearing commander, your 1st gear would shift from: 0 - 40 mph to 0 - 37 mph. top end would drop from 110 to 100 mph. Jim.
  14. Jim Dettman


    The scary part of that? Only 36% (think I got that right), currently save for retirement. So we're going to have a whole bunch of folks fall into the "safety net" when they retire and the ones that did save will be left holding the bag. Note: I do make a distinction between those who live pay check to pay check and can't really save vs those that could, but don't bother and choose to live more of a high life. It's the later group that I have a problem with and is the problem in the USA; for many it's always someone else's problem, not theirs. It's always someone else's fault. Fell off a cliff? "They should have had a fence there to stop me". Of course I'm painting with a board brush there, but I think you get the jist of what irks me<g> Jim.
  15. Jim Dettman


    14/44 would get you almost to what you have now. You can use: www.gearingcommander.com to play around with various settings. Jim.