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  1. Jim Dettman

    The best aftermarket air take for dirt bikes

    <<This is stupid question but what is the purpose of the backfire screen >> To prevent a backfire from setting your filter on fire....it is soaked in oil after all. Jim.
  2. Jim Dettman

    The best aftermarket air take for dirt bikes

    Potentially yes, but probably not. Understand that "more power" comes from getting more flow through a motor up to a point. A 450 can only hold 450 cc of air/fuel mixture. Once you reach that point, you won't get any more power unless you do something else like alter the fuel, compress the mixture with a turbo, pre-heat it, etc. Note that I'm saying this from the viewpoint of dealing with the motor's stroke, bore, and cam setup being un-changed. Certainly you could modify those as well and get more power To get to that point of getting a full 450cc's of air/fuel, you would need to: 1. Open the air box. 2. Buy a loud mouth or remove the backfire screen on the stock filter. 3. Buy a free flowing exhaust. 4. rejet the carb (not in this case though with the Lectron). 5. And going to the extreme, polishing the ports. But a Loud mouth on it's own is not going to do much. The other thing to consider with air filters is that more flow typically means less filtering as there's only so much surface area for the filter. Once you make the filter as big as you can, your only choice is to do less filtering to get the air flow you need. Something like a K&N for example has great flow, but your going to have problems if you run in sand. If I was going to run anything other than the stock filter, I would run one of these https://www.funnelweb-filter.com/ Which has expanded the surface air through an ingenious design. With this, they can keep the level of filtering higher, and yet still get better flow than a stock filter. But back to your problem. You can buy a loud mouth certainly and it will help. You can also could take the stock filter and remove the backfire screen. That will more or less make it a loud mouth. It's not really going to jump up in power though until you change the exhaust. Jim.
  3. Jim Dettman

    The best aftermarket air take for dirt bikes

    stock filter is fine....just keep it cleaned and oiled, and grease the gasket side where it contacts the airbox. Jim.
  4. Jim Dettman

    2008 450X cold weather jets. Which ones?

    I run mine with a #165 with stock exhaust and don't have any issues. That is during the warm months though. Still, you should be OK with the 165 in. Jim.
  5. Jim Dettman

    How to properly store the bike after riding season

    and BTW, I usually like to do all my maintenance at the end of the season. That way it's ready to ride as soon as I pull it out. So I also: 1. Pull the axel's, swing arm bolt, and all rear suspension pivot points and grease. 2. Check all bearings for play 3. Lube all my cables. 4. Change the plug (done every other year). 5. Clean the chain, lube, and adjust. 6. Check the valve lash. .
  6. Jim Dettman

    How to properly store the bike after riding season

    At a minimum, you want to: 1. Have stablizer in the fuel. 2. Change the anti-freeze if it's due (I do mine every other year) 3. Change the oil 4. Start it up, then shut-off the fuel, blip the throttle 3-4 times, the last of which you hold it mid range and hit the kill button. This help keep the jet's clear. 4. Drain the fuel line and carb using the carb drain. 5. Pull the battery, keep it in a warm place, and leave it on a float charger (or charge it once a month). Some say to drain the tank as well, but I'd rather keep it full even if it is plastic and condensation is not a big deal like it is with a steel tank. Jim.
  7. Jim Dettman

    Crankcase gasket

    Just pull the seat and the tank, and you'll have plenty of room to get at all the hoses. Jim.
  8. Jim Dettman

    Running without hotstart?

    Depends on if they plugged the hole, and if it's leaking. If it's open or leaking, it certainly would cause a lean condition. A cracked hot start nut (it's plastic) is often a cause of running lean. Jim.
  9. Jim Dettman

    Our trusty 450x got us a podium finish at the 1000!

    Congrats on that!!!
  10. Jim Dettman

    Running a little "rough" after rebuild

    I'd add a couple of things to that: 1. Lower the rpms till just running. 2. adjust fuel screw for smoothest operation. 3. repeat #1 and 2 until you can't keep the bike running. 4. Raise rpms to 1,700. Might want to keep a fan on it while doing this, but it goes pretty quick. #1 is not super critical as long as you can here the difference when turning the fuel screw. If you do lower the rpms, don't lower it enough where you hear the decompressor starting to kick in. Usually you just need a drop of a 100 or 200 rpms, which makes it easier to hear what's going on. At that point, a quick check to see if your dialed in is: 1. Pulling the hot start *slightly* should give a raise in RPM's. 2. Pulling it fully should kill the engine. 3. Pulling out the choke should kill the engine. If you can do this, it means your slightly rich on the slow circuit, which is where you want to be. If you have a slight bog off idle with a slow roll of the throttle, or have popping on decel (assuming smog pump removed or blocked off), go 1/4 turn out on the fuel screw. you should end up between 1 and 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 turns on the fuel screw. Less than one, you need a smaller slow jet. More than the 2 1/4 to 2 1/2, and you'd want a bigger one. Depends on altitude and temp, but most should find themselves with a #45 slow jet. Jim.
  11. Jim Dettman

    Running a little "rough" after rebuild

    <<I can't think of a way for the coolant to reach the piston. . . where would that be? >> At the head gasket. Did you use a torque wrench when you tightened things down? <<If the timing was off would it still start easily?>> It usually won't start at all. Jim.
  12. Jim Dettman

    Running a little "rough" after rebuild

    What color is the smoke? If white, then you have a coolant leak, which would explain the roughness. Check the coolant level and see if it's dropping. Jim.
  13. Jim Dettman

    Where’s this bolt go?

    It's really hard to tell from that shot (no real scale to go by as it looks like the image is distorted), but check the float bowl on the carb. Often the bowl screws are replaced with a socket head cap bolt like that. Jim.
  14. Jim Dettman

    Crankcase gasket

    The end with the plug is the drain end and is sealed off. But if you follow the hose from the engine, you'll see that it tee's off to the air box as well. Jim.
  15. Jim Dettman

    Crankcase gasket

    If you can't order it as a separate part (and it may not be - never had to order one), there are tons of grommets on e-bay, local hardware, etc. For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Honda-CA200-CT200-Stator-Alternator-Grommet-PART-32971-030-000/332032992912?hash=item4d4eb56690:g:5b4AAOSw44BYK24b:sc:USPSFirstClass!13039!US!-1:rk:29:pf:0 or http://www.rickystator.com/product/stators/yamaha/yamaha-banshee-stator-grommet Maybe just a call/e-email to Ricky Stator....they probably would sell you one or know where you can get one. But I would not buy an entire stator just to get the grommet. I'm sure you can find something that will fit or is over size and can cut down. Jim.