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  1. 45 ACP

    CRF 100F steering loose

    Duh... I feel dumb. Knew it had to be there somewhere. Thank you, socalxr
  2. 45 ACP

    CRF 100F steering loose

    My son has a 2013 CRF 100F and the steering is way loose. I went to tighten it up the other day but there is no nut under the top triple clamp like on my 450. I tried to tighten the nut on top of the triple clamp, but it is already about as tight as I could get it. Is there a way to tighten up the steering on these bikes, or is it non adjustable? I dont have a manual.
  3. 45 ACP

    Hard clutch pull

    socalxr, can I do the same for my sons 2007 CRF80? Will a CR85 set up work on my boys bike as well? You are right, the clutch pull is terrible.
  4. Thank yall for the replies. This pretty much confirms what I was already thinking. I'll be shopping for a used 4 stroke for him to learn the basics and then we can move up when the time is right.
  5. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but i need some advice on what to get my 10 yr old. I dont know much at all about the little bikes. I recently got back into riding and I ride MX at tracks in the Houston area. My son is now wanting a bike. He is 10 yrs old, 4'-10" and weighs 100 lbs. He has never ridden a motorcycle before. I was considering something like an XR80 or a CRF 70 or 80, or maybe even a KLX 110 just for him to learn how to ride and use a clutch, throttle, brakes, turning ect ect. . My riding buddies are saying no way on those bikes and to get him a KTM 65. Its small enough for his size and I THINK he could handle it. Here's the thing.... I dont want to spend a ton of money on his first bike. Maybe $2k or so. Also, I for sure do not want to put him on too much bike and scare him right off the bat. He is good on his bicycle and is a coordinated kid. Im fairly certain he would pick it up quickly. We would mostly ride tracks and I'd keep him on the beginner stuff for a while. I know however that if I got him a trails bike so to speak, I'd be selling it as soon as he got comfortable and get him a real MX bike. So, what do yall suggest if you were in my shoes? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  6. What's up fellow Honda 450 owners! I haven't been around here in quite some time. Quit riding due to injury in about 2012 but recently got the itch again and couldn't stand it any longer. I loved my '09 and didnt want a dual exhaust bike so shopped for a while and picked up a vet owned 2012 CRF 450 with low hours. This thing was only trail ridden and doesn't even look like it been dropped! Completely stock except for a Yosh slip on and remap. I'm healing from ACL surgery at the moment and still a couple months before I can ride so I have time to do a few mods while I wait, but I've been out of it so long that I have a few questions hoping ya'll can answer. I'm going to put new chain and sprockets, revalve/respring suspension, over sized front rotor, breakaway levers, and radiator braces. So my questions: I put Ironman sprockets and DID VT2 chain on my last bike. Is the VT2 still a good chain for the CRF? The clutch pull is ridiculously hard on this bike. Without going hydro clutch, are there any mods to make the pull easier? Any opinions on the Hinson actuator kit for $200? Any other issues with the 2012 that must be done to make it right? Thanks in advance for any tips yall can offer.
  7. 45 ACP

    Alpinestars BNS Pro L/XL

    Is this still available? Please PM me if so.
  8. 45 ACP

    who else have picked Mike Alessi for a win?

    Alessi = get a holeshot, then spend the rest of the race looking over his shoulder trying to block anyone trying to pass him...
  9. I wrecked and trashed my Shoei VFX-W, so I am in need of another one. Does anybody know of a deal on this helmet? Or a online company offering 1 or 2 year old models for closeout prices? Thanks in advance.
  10. 45 ACP

    Podium speaches

    Some people will complain about anything.......
  11. 45 ACP

    Looking for specific helmet

    Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Can anyone tell me of a place that still has a Shoei VFX-W in last years K-DUB model? Not this years K-DUB 2, but the first K-DUB in white with a size medium... I need a new helmet and this is the one I want but cant find it online. If you know of someplace I can buy it from, please post a link or PM me. Thanks in advance.
  13. 45 ACP

    Help with parts

    Thanks, but I am really wanting to stay with OEM parts. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Or a cheaper source for new parts? A new OEM subframe goes for almost $400!!! Is there somewhere I could buy one for a better price? Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I couldnt even find the parts in the TT parts store... ? Please help I am ready to ride again. Thanks.
  14. 45 ACP

    Help with parts

    Do yall have any sources, or websites, to look for used parts? I need a right radiator and subframe for a 2009 CRF450. But I cant afford new parts right now. Do yall have any suggestions? The radiator is not repairable. I have been looking at ebay and craigslist and some moto forums for used parts but not having any luck. Ive been on the shelf for 4 months and now Im ready to ride again but my bike is still broke. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  15. 45 ACP

    Quick question

    I found out it will not work. Thanks.