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  1. Happy Birthday truep!

  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that MAJOR changes have been made to Milestone MX vet track. It is SOOOOO much better now. Way better flow to the track, more jumps and turns, small elevation changes...just way better. I still think they need to make at least a couple jumps much bigger, as some of them are in fast sections, and too easy to way overshoot, getting on the brakes hard before these jumps, throws off the flow. But other than that, it's much better- check it out, it's really fun. The big tabletop in the back now has a really long straight before it, making it super easy to clear, not that it wasn't before...but now it's really easy- so good practice for those of you that want to practice launching further. I also think they should make a REAL whoop section, as what they have now are more like speed bumps... There was a race Saturday, so I pretty much rode the vet track all day, and it was actually a really fun track. The beginner track now has a little whoop section...if you want to call it that... For what it's worth...
  3. Some of the funniest times have been when I've raced guys on my RD350LC and smoked them....hard...then they ask how many cc's is that thing, and when I say 350- they can't believe it.
  4. truep

    newer TTR125 (2008+) better than older ?

    Just from sitting on a new ttr125 and my son's old 2003, I can tell you that the older ones feel much lighter and more "motocross".
  5. truep

    Ran TTR-125 with no oil - what to expect on disassembly?

    I feel sorry for anyone that ends up buying this bike, if you manage to barely get it running again....
  6. truep

    Tire Shop in LA/South Bay?

    M/C Tire Works will put your tires on for free if you bring the wheels and buy the tires from them.
  7. I agree- really hard to sell a 2003 yz250...but there are guys that like to ride track only and prefer the steel frame. Many swear by it, so hopefully you can find one of those guys.
  8. truep

    Arm Pumps

    #1 key- relax your mind and body. Fear is a big cause, I think of arm pump. Working out never really helped me at all. I don't get any arm pump anymore, even if it's been a while since I've ridden, because I remember to relax. There's never really a need to grip the bars so hard that you get arm pump. Squeeze with your legs more, instead. One thing though- if you have big hands, and little grips, you might get arm-pump because it's like holding pencils, and you get cramps. That's why I use the ProTaper pillow top grips. They're wider and I really like them.
  9. truep

    Jumping Distance - 2t vs. 4t?

    If you have the skills/balls to hit a ramp face hard, then clutch/rear brake tap and push the front end back down, a 2-stroke can hit big SX jumps right out of corners just as far/hard as a four stroke. Watch Stewart or Carmichael on their old 2-strokes. I'm not saying I can do it great, and the 4-strokes definitely have it much easier, but I'm getting much better at clearing these kinds of jumps on my YZ250 smoker, after only 6 months or so of MX riding. The front definitely comes up higher because I'm gassing so hard up the face just to clear, but I can put it back down, now. Before, I was scared to loop it, but in reality- I was far from looping it.
  10. no pics=didn't happen:p
  11. truep

    MCCT question..

    It's not that complicated. Have someone turn the wheel, or do it like I did- with a socket on left side cover, there's a cover that allows access to end of flywheel. While turning the motor, finger tighten the MCCT just snug, then loosen it back 1/4 turn, lock her down, and good to go. I think it took about 5 minutes? You should remove the plastic recovery tank to give yourself more room, first. Helps.
  12. truep

    Hump or bump?

    I had the same problem (still do) with my son. I tape rocks to the seat- not sharp, but just a friendly reminder.
  13. truep

    14/44 vs 14/47 for an S model

    14/48 here and she'll lug up anything. Taken her in some really tight stuff, and it was almost too easy...coming from riding two-stroke all my life. My bike's street legal. It's definitely too short for street riding regularly, but it's not bad around town. I wouldn't take it on the freeway though.
  14. truep

    LT's new toy.

    Way better than a Hardly Ableson.
  15. truep

    Loosening Up

    Hey Tye, what you say reminds me of what I read many years ago in the Keith Code road racing books regarding how much percentage of "attention" we have. I have the exact same experience you describe. Just ride....when less and less percentage of your "attention" is on your controls, body pos, rutts, etc...you will loosen up on your own. You might check out the Keith Code book on Road Racing (A Twist of the Wrist). I have it, because I used to be more into that type of riding on my 1982 RD350LC (It's basically a TZ350 with headlights). The concepts on "attention", unfocusing your eyes on anything specific, but training them to take in a bigger picture, using "reference points" (braking, apex, gas) for riding tracks, mentally "walking" tracks in your mind before riding them, etc...I think really has good applications in motocross.