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  1. TN men

    2011 KTM 250 XC Spark Plug Question

    My son has a 2009 KTM 250 XC (new left over stock) and the stock plug (noted above) looks to tall to pu the plug wire on. Do you have to remove the tank or install it? Bill
  2. TN men

    Bike hard to start with the new quickshot

    i purchased the quickshot 3 and installed it to relieve the bogging of my bike, i have a core exp rekluse in it which wasnt delivering the power fast enough for my woods racing. Once started the bike runs like a champ and accelerates like a bat outta hell! Just starting seems to be a tough one. before i started it (2007 Honda Crf250r) rather easily in about 4-5 kicks, now its about 20 lol
  3. Any tips in starting my 07 CRF 250R with the quick shot? It starts a lot harder. I just got it installed and an womdering if there are any tips to starting with it? Will
  4. Happened to me and eventually the XR600R went away and a CRF250R arrived. Miss the pig until I start heading into to the woods...Good vid though..
  5. TN men

    04 crf 250r woods mods?

    my 2004 is pretty good with a rekluse, larger jets, and bark busters. My son is trying out a new tire MT16 so we'll see how it goes.
  6. TN men

    Year identification

    i have an 2004 and it looks like that one. I paid 1850 and it had new valves and a rekluse. Still getting used to starting it!!
  7. Ken, I opted for a 04 CRF250R with the rekluse. I am looking foward to riding it around some. I am indoctrinated in the maintenance and the bike has had good maintenance. Heading for the woods, Bill
  8. Thanks for the insiight and I went from an XR200r to the 600r and after a year was looking for something lighter. My sons rides a 07CRF250R and I thnk it would be a good fit. I rode a 04 CRF 250R and it would do as well. I'll give the KTM 250 a ride just to see. Might look at other 250 2 strokes as well. KTM are not too plentiful around here.
  9. I am looking to replace my xr600r for trail/woods riding. Average rider, age 52, 210 pounds and looking for something better to ride with my son. He rides a CRF250R. These two bikes are in price range. Also looking at a slightly more 04 CRF250R with a rekluse clutch. Will the KTM have the low end power for slow trails and woods? How about reliabilty and cost as we have not had a KTM before. YZF has a rebuilt engine Thanks, Bill
  10. TN men

    valve stem oil seals

    My 94 600 did the same upon start up until I let it idle for a couple of minutes to warm up the valve guides. No more smoking after that change.
  11. TN men

    Ridn mexico

    TTdog, look at the US state dept site and you can register so you will have access to the US Embassy support. There is also a good link to information about the country etc. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) - U.S. Department of State The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign ... https://travelregistration.state.gov/ Bill
  12. TN men

    this guy wants to bet me.....

    you will get him as he shifts...
  13. I had an XR200 and my son rode and TTR125. The 200 is a 7/8th sized frame so that is is smaller than full size. They have plenty of power and are a blast to ride. Your size is good for the 200. A 250 woudl give more power but my 200 never left me out.
  14. Where is Brushy Mtn? We ride at Harlan and I-81 for trails. Waiting to ride Buffalo Mtn as well. MY XR 600R is big for trails but I am getting used to it. Bill
  15. http://theeclassifieds.com/Classifieds/Detail/d3a87521-9658-45ea-aeec-9f850144c023