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  1. rlw

    Top Speed

    2005 TE510, stock 14/50 gears: 88.4 mph on hard pack dirt road No performance mods, correctly calibrated and GPS verified Trail-Tech speedometer '05's had lower internal primary gearing, so newer models have +/-10mph more on top with factory gearing My friends KTM 525EXC who as riding with me, hit 93 according to his GPS catching up to me, and I'm pretty sure he had more......& that is with an extra 5 teeth on back, 1 down up front
  2. rlw

    Boise EnduroCross Photos

    That's not really surprising, I assumed he had to have at least a bit of heavy bruising. Agreed - Took me a while to catch on and notice the live band. So do I. My family loves watching Endurocross racing. (I'd actually like to try it, but those days are long gone for me). In 2009 we went to Vegas in July and ended up we were able to back there again for the November finals, but I just can't afford to do that anymore.............having it come to Boise was great. Hopefully we had a good enough turn-out to keep it in the schedule. Looked to me like we did.
  3. rlw

    Boise EnduroCross Photos

    My seat was almost directly in line with that and could see it coming. Pretty lucky he didn't get more ripped off on that hit than his visor. I was wondering if anyone happen to catch on camera
  4. rlw

    te449 Dual Sport

    If they could get the fuel capacity up around at least 3 gallon, and gradually spread 4th thru 6th out a bit.......not crazy tall like KTM EXC, but half way between current TE and the EXC....I would be in looking at getting a new bike. But until then, I'll just be fine with the old "paid for" '05
  5. rlw

    txc 450 gearing

    Stock gears on my '05 TE510 is 14/50. Depending on the ride type/location, I can.....and do....swap between a 13-14-15 front easily with just a chain adjustment. With the 14 about middle of adjustment range, going up/down the one tooth isn't an issue, but two teeth on mine would be too much.
  6. rlw

    te449 Dual Sport

    Here's the service manual download......English starts on page 57 http://www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com/public/manuali/racing/enduro/TE310/TE310_2011_Ed3_01-2011_5lingue.pdf The 2009 KTM manual must be out there somewhere to compare service schedules. Any current bike just takes about the same about of normal pre/post ride inspection and service/maintence.........or should. I do know a couple guys that own old Honda XR/XL that do nothing more than dump gas in, check oil once in a while (they burn so much now, that it practically changes itself, only requiring topping off). Air filter gets cleaned when it won't climb big hills or start anymore. The chains are rusted, sprockets worn to tiny bumps on steel, and tires are sun cracked slicks, but they still somehow run.
  7. rlw

    Looking for best place to live in Idaho...

    Well, being an Idaho native and sharing some of the view points, this has been an interesting and somewhat surprising, yet entertaining read. I'll answer one question: Idaho Falls /SE Idaho gets even colder and more snow than Boise, plus can have nasty cold winter winds......the area is a bit different than Boise area. Just never know what Boise winters will give you. When I first moved into my current house +/-20yrs ago, we mowed the trashed yard in January, in t-shirts........I have also measured 14" of snow in same backyard. Temps do drop below zero now and then, and there's pretty much everything in between those two extremes. Hate the black ice we get at times (and that liquid snow melt crap the highway district puts down) and the dang winter inversions, but on average it isn't too bad for too long at a time......depending on what a person is used to or calls bad.
  8. rlw

    06 510 plastic

    After searching around for a couple pieces I needed on my '05 TE, I ended up getting OEM plastic from my local dealer, and price was actually reasonable........and used the Tusk LED brake/tail light from Rocky Mtn MC
  9. rlw

    BIG FUEL TANKS for TE/TXC 449 and 511!

    I was looking at the new TE449/511 and was a bit concerned about the strange and small fuel tank(s).....if I were serious about getting another bike right now, than may well have been a deal breaker. Nice to see there is an option available. My '05 TE510 can get 46-47mpg on casual dirt road dual-sport type rides, can drop to 25-26mpg on desert rides where I'm hitting long WOT loose hills and hard of the throttle 3rd-5th gear sandwash runs, but typically can plan loops around getting low 30's as well on most trail rides.
  10. rlw

    Tell me about Mountain Home ID

    I lived in Mtn Home for 10yrs, graduted from high school there....matter of fact, have a 35th reunion (that I probably will not attend) in 4 weeks, and still have family on both sides living there. As mentioned, it is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, plus winds blows a lot. If you are wanting good shopping, concerts, fine dining or really any "city" life outside or having a beer and a pool game at the bar with the locals, the town will leave you pretty disappointed. If your needs are few and/or simple, then it's really not that bad a town Most drive to Boise for concerts, better dining or much of their shopping, especially big ticket items. The drive to Boise really isn't that far, but it feels like hours to get there some days. Housing is cheaper than Boise (although that gap has narrowed with prices going down). Traffic is lighter (and so slow) As with Boise, you can go less than 2hrs in about any direction and have your pick of different types of riding from high desert to forested mountains. There is also boating/water skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, and hunting if into any of that.........which i was/am.
  11. rlw

    Carb fuel screw adjustment tool?

    Agree with that. I have a Kouba Link (Kientech) brass extended fuel screw in mine. Tried an aluminum one that was on a local shelf and didn't feel it worked well, so went back to the Kouba one like I've used before.
  12. When the 1980 Federal emissions standards were implemented, engine displacements of 50cc and smaller were excluded from the requirements.......that is why motorcycle manufactures are allowed to sell street legal (not necessarily highway legal) two-stroke scooters in the USA today (49 states anyway. Not sure if Calif. allows even that) If engine is larger than 50cc, and sold by the manufacturer as a new street legal motorcycle, it will be four stroke. But again, what individual states allow you to put a plate on may be different. All this fed emission stuff only applies to manufacturers.
  13. I believe the federal laws you are referring to started about 1980 and applies to motorcycles manufacturers, not consumers. (basically came about due to clean air act in which 2-strokes couldn't pass federal emissions standards) As far what is street legal for individuals, that goes to state laws and their requirements and regualations.. Give you a ticket and tell you it's not street legal.......maybe, again, depending on state regulations, but CONFISCATE YOUR BIKE..........Really?? As for which bike I'd like to plate if I could? I like having my '05 Husky TE-510 being plated for the street, but at a local dealer the other day and was looking at a new Gas Gas 300 2-stroke enduro, when I noticed it had turn signal switch on it. It's of course not federally legal to be sold as a street legal bike here, but got me thinking how nice bike it would be to have 250-300 2-stroke that was. However with my TE510 being marginal for the street as set-up for trail work, I think mid-sized 2 strokes would suck to ride for more than just short stretch, or much over 40-50mph
  14. I put this cheap 45W incandescent lamp in, which was better than stock, but still far from good light. http://www.lightbulbemporium.com/eiko_48058ek_6245b.asp Here's link to the Sicass Racing halogen replacement lamp mentioned, made with BA20 base Husky have. http://sicassracing.com/store/bulbs/halogen/45_40w_s2_halogen_ktm_upgrade_bulb I had been wanting to try one, but it was out of stock the few times when I thought about it.......in stock now, so while there I just ordered it. Really don't get at at night much anymore, but if I do and still not satisfied with this lamp, I'll go TrailTech X2
  15. rlw

    boise area poker run may 14th

    Sound level is 96db though-out the state. There were a couple bikes last year that I have my doubts really made that level, but they were passed......they seemed to be more watchful for spark arrestors I'm bummed that I have to miss this it year. Last years long loop was a good mix of riding and fun, even the cool weather and being snowed on a little bit wasn't bad..........guess there was one rocky section across a ridge top that about jarred my teeth out on the way in that I really didn't care for, and one annoying rider that kept trying to use people for race passing practice, but overall is was a good time for a good cause.