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  1. -beastmode-

    Colorful pipes.

    Try rubbing wax/ polishing compound on your exhaust before you go riding.
  2. -beastmode-

    Louisiana riding

    I will be making a trip there next month sometime if it will ever stop raining.
  3. -beastmode-

    Need your opinion

    I would offer $1000 and order a new top end kit for it. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/2827/32174/Cylinder-Works-Standard-Bore-Cylinder-Kit?v=666
  4. -beastmode-

    Spark plug wrench ?

    I didn't receive a socket when I bought my bike. Just a spoke wrench.
  5. -beastmode-

    2016 CRF450 Starting - Easy/Difficult?

    It usually takes me 1-2 kicks 98% of the time.
  6. -beastmode-

    Honda CRF450R 2016

    Absolutely love this bike.
  7. -beastmode-

    Honda CRF450R (2016)


    Absolutely love this bike.
  8. -beastmode-

    What bike to get?

    Get a 125 2-stroke, you won't regret it.
  9. -beastmode-

    Clutch Help!

    Can you take a picture of your clutch lever un-engaged with a clear view of both cable adjustments on top of the bars?
  10. -beastmode-

    Pics of Your 450....

    My '16 I picked up a couple weeks ago, great bike.
  11. -beastmode-

    Hydraulic clutch conversion

    Thanks I appreciate your help.
  12. -beastmode-

    Hydraulic clutch conversion

    Is the clutch pull much easier than stock?
  13. -beastmode-

    CRF450 Transmission oil recommendations

    Yes, it is fine to use non synthetic engine oil in your tranny. I personally use Pro Honda HP Transmission Oil but motorcycle engine oil will work fine as long as you don't use synthetic, it will cause your clutch plates to slip.
  14. -beastmode-

    Hydraulic clutch conversion

    I'm looking at buying a Magura Hydraulic Clutch, has anyone use these? Magura Hydraulic Clutch