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  1. mxnut23

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    2000/2001 VOR 400 next to dads 83 Husky
  2. Anyone have a good source for twin-air filters?? Both of mine are junk.
  3. mxnut23

    Good pitbike for a taller beginner?

    Yup Tboltusa is the guy!!
  4. mxnut23


    Yup!!^^ what he said!! 110 is way more fun than my 50
  5. zI was wrong both are 2000 models, 1 400 and a 503. The 503 was a off road model and the 400 an MX model
  6. mxnut23


    RV was awesome looking in the sand section in moto 2. Dungey looked a bit uncomfortable in the sand. Dungey is a class act and RV is just wfo.
  7. We pick them up in December in Phoenix on vacation. I'll postem up when I take delivery
  8. mxnut23

    MXoN Team USA

    Osborne is off the table. He's going to run the ISDE for USA. It's happening the same weekend.
  9. In my profession I need something big. Where I live 4wd is a luxury I must afford. With 4 kids and the wife I need lots of seats and cargo space. Therefore I drive an '03 Ford Excursion. We love it and it gets us tons of dirty looks from the tiny hybrid crowd. Sorry it wouldn't let me upload a pic.
  10. mxnut23

    75 360 CRGP Husky info

    Thanks Al!! According to vintage Husky's identification info it's a 75 frame. I did purchase the updated 76 chassis as the 75 is in need of some repairs. You have given me tons of info. Much appreciated!!
  11. mxnut23

    75 360 CRGP Husky info

    Al, the swing arm pivot has needle bearings instead of the old rubber bushing. I'm having difficulty locating these bearings and bushings. I've seen upgrade kits for the stock swing arm but every time I ask somebody they say their kit won't work on my swing arm. I've been given a few names of local bearing warehouses that are semi close to me but its pretty difficult to take off work and drive 3 hours to possibly strike out. I purchased what I was told was the correct flywheel puller, the diameter of the puller was too small for the flywheel, was there a better upgrade for the ignition in '75 to 79? This is a points style ignition. I'm still not sure who built the triple clamps, with a better picture could you identify them? The forks need to be re-chromed, is there anyone you would recommend? I have had the shocks rebuilt by Evolution Suspension, he specializes in vintage suspension but he took forever. There was some extenuating circumstances on both sides of that deal so I will take 1/2 of the responsibility. The WR tank is rusty on the inside, I do however have what I believe to be a tank from an Auto. It is green, in great shape and its aluminum. It shaves 3 pounds off the bike too. The gentleman that built the bike was into tinkering and improving the bike. There has been some rotary tool work done to the intake and exhaust ports, I've been told by a family friend that he had the motor blueprinted. He had extra bars welded to the frame to protect the cases. That's about all I can think of at the moment. Thanks!
  12. mxnut23

    75 360 CRGP Husky info

    That's what I have heard before but I'm going to run it before I make a decision. Haha!!
  13. mxnut23

    75 360 CRGP Husky info

    Here's pics of the day I picked it up
  14. mxnut23

    75 360 CRGP Husky info

    I have as the title says a 75 husky. Did any of you guys put aftermarket suspension on your bikes?? I bought my bike with Simons forks and what I can only assume are Simons clamps and fox airshox with a Thor aluminum swinger. I'm have trouble getting info on this bike as the builder of the bike has passed away. I'll get some pics up
  15. My dad and I just purchased two '01 503's from a buddy in Phoenix. I can't wait to throw a leg over it and ride one.