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  1. ATJ_Number_1

    tusk clutch kits....true piece of garbage

    The fibers were so thin in my Tusk kit the pack wouldn't engage no matter how much adjusting I did. They sent me another set and they were fine. My guess is you just got a bum set. They backed up mine, worth a call.
  2. ATJ_Number_1

    Lets see The Rm's

    Just like in real life......... a "mature lady" will take YOU for a ride.
  3. ATJ_Number_1

    RM125 compression question.

    yes it can
  4. ATJ_Number_1

    2006 DR650 all stock (lean on bottom end)

    Don't use the Dyno Jet kit, they have a very messed up way of dealing with this issue. I have 2 of those on the shelf I took out of CV carbs. Back-firing on decel is a sure indicator that your low to mid circuit is lean. Your main may need a tweaking too but it's effect on 1/4-3/4 is very minimal. I have not used the Pro Cycle kit but I have ordered other parts from them and they've been a solid place to order from. Last bit of advice here is that all of this is just to optimize your stock carb. There are proven power and response gains to be had by tossing it for an aftermarket unit. They are costly but if your ultimate goal is to pull everything you can out of this motor (within reason) then you might want to just start looking in to that route. I've got a lot of pics of this carb and some parts so PM me if you need anything.
  5. ATJ_Number_1

    2001 rm250, could use some advice.

    Plating is the way to go but if ports don't match on a sleeved cylinder then the installer did a poor job.
  6. ATJ_Number_1

    2006 DR650 all stock (lean on bottom end)

    Putting aside everything else......I'm very familiar with this carb! First thing is yes, you do want to remove the cap from the mix screw. 1/8 - 1/4 throttle response on this carb is usually a combo of 3 things. One, the mix screw is for sure set to lean. Two, the needle should be swapped out for a KTM LC4 needle that is adjustable unlike the one you have. You can shim yours a little but the taper is a little off too. I have one in the shop still in the OEM KTM package I'd sell dirt cheap. 3rd is the slide mod. It helps balance the pressure for that lag time. A last resort 4th option is to clip the spring. I've had to do this in other CV carbs but not this one. CV carbs can be great when properly sized but this is a little small for a 650. Work the areas above and you can get some blood out of this turnip. I found this when I first started playing with the BST40. The guy did an outstanding write up. Read it top to bottom. It's for the KTM version but they're near identical. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=347184
  7. ATJ_Number_1

    High Octane

    This is just full of bad info. You do realize that most of the VP line up is oxygenated right? What are you running? Oxygenated fuel is wildly popular in all kinds of racing. It makes power. Second, ethanol is typically used as a replacement for oxygenated fuel. Some states mandate this. Third, saying these will lead to meltdown is just spreading bad info. I'm in my 4th year of running E85 and everything you love about VP this stuff does too but for a fraction of the money. I'm not saying all pump gas is great by any means and ethanol is not for the novice but your crusade against oxygenated fuels and ethanol is unfortunately misinformed. Spreading this around to impressionable readers just isn't cool. Plus your average rider can easily buy top ends for the money they will save from not buying expensive fuel they don't need. The oil you mix is more important then the fuel you're using. There's a good mission, telling people not to use lawn mower oil.
  8. ATJ_Number_1

    what to do to pull more power out of my 125

    LOL, even a better point! No idea. Sorry man, I've been in quad mode lately. Land of 14 and 15t stock fronts.
  9. ATJ_Number_1

    what to do to pull more power out of my 125

    If you decide on the 53 then save yourself a lot of money and just get a front sprocket with one less tooth instead. Same thing and doesn't mess with chain length near as much.
  10. ATJ_Number_1

    High Octane

    No, extra octane isn't going to hurt anything. Worst case you might have to tinker with your jetting a little.
  11. ATJ_Number_1

    Powervalves Stuck in jug, any ideas?

    I was serious about taking it to a shop. The stuff a cleaner would use is much more powerful then what you'll buy off the shelf. Like around here there is hot rod shop that can strip engine blocks. Another place I would go is this chopper shop that can strip and recoat tanks.
  12. ATJ_Number_1

    what to do to pull more power out of my 125

    Get the sprocket first. Gearing alone can totally change how the bike feels.
  13. ATJ_Number_1

    AF conversion Time!

    Is this going to be an MX bike, woods, play bike? 03 and up was the best 2 fiddy they ever did but it's not like you can't pull power out of a 98. Do it..... do it. My old 88 cr250 is still violently powerful. Just had to work it a little to get there.
  14. ATJ_Number_1

    Powervalves Stuck in jug, any ideas?

    LOL, I was thinking pic too but I didn't want to be the first to ask.
  15. ATJ_Number_1

    High Octane

    Once the jetting is the best it can be this is the next step.