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  1. stroker

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    what compression is the 400 kit? a friend dropped the compression on his CRF450R and said it was a dramatic improvement for tech riding! 400 kit and lower compression sounds like an even better set up! looking forward to full specs, prices and any info you can share! This should be a great selling product!
  2. stroker

    anybody weigh the stock muffler and swingarm?

    Nobody weighed the swingarm or muffler? can anyone chime in and tell us if the stock swingarm felt heavier than expected? very curious about the weigh effect of a swingarm that has been stuffed to cut vibration feels.
  3. stroker

    Any 250RX News/Report?

    I have owned/raced several CRF250x models over the years. My opinion is that the CRF250RX is a significant improvement over the old X model. Just trying to show how good the old X was.... The new RX is Better!
  4. stroker

    Any 250RX News/Report?

    JCR (Johnny Campbell Racing) sells plug and play headlights and rad fans for the RX models. Honda provides a headlight plug in behind the left rad shroud (doubles as the power plug for the honda tuner) , no rewound stator required, just plug it in, same as the Yamaha FX. https://www.jcrspeedshop.com/products/jcr-led-headlight-kit
  5. stroker

    Any 250RX News/Report?

    held this guy back too, or did it?
  6. stroker

    2019 CRF250RX or 2020 yz250fx

    6 ft 1. 180 Lbs no gear. Rain forest in the rocky mountains, 95% tight tech single track, tons of video on youtube for main riding areas (Vedder Mountain, McNutt, Chipmunk etc) here is a typical shorter video from McNutt:
  7. stroker

    2019 CRF250RX or 2020 yz250fx

    I sold my KTM 300XC after just one ride on the 2019 CRF250RX. I prefer the CRF stock to the modded KTM, KTM needs serious help with suspension and carburation, stock the KTM cost a lot more, the KTM needs lots of mods, the Honda is awesome stock (and much cheaper ready to race!!)
  8. stroker

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    I was told his e start failed....
  9. stroker

    Rx has tank

  10. stroker

    PSA: IMS 2.4 gallon tank

    please post the price! also installed pics if you buy one, lots of people would like to see how that one looks!
  11. stroker

    PSA: IMS 2.4 gallon tank

    Matt Stavish has a bike shop called checkpoint offroad, he sells them. https://www.checkpointoff-road.com
  12. Has anyone actually weighed the stock swingarm and muffler? both are supposedly the source of extra pounds, would like to know how many pounds can be shed by just those 2 items!
  13. stroker

    1st ride on my 2019 CRF250RX

    I weighed my 2019 KTM 300xc with a plastic skid plate, Enduro engineering hand guards, HD tubes and full tank of gas. 244 pounds. Same weight as CRF250RX completely stock with a full tank of gas (CRF has front and rear disc guards and a skid plate, the XC has none of those things stock). The 2018 CRF250R I raced last year feels lighter than the XC or RX, not dramatically, but a bit lighter feel. "Sot" from Greece, consider running 108 mm sag and run your fork tubes flush with the top triple clamp. That should lift your front end and lower your back end resulting in a more level chassis and make it much more balanced feeling. Give it a try and let us know!
  14. stroker

    1st ride on my 2019 CRF250RX

    Yes the red plug behind the left rad shroud the is for the mapping tool will also double as a power source for your headlight
  15. stroker

    1st ride on my 2019 CRF250RX

    (this was supposed to be an edit from an earlier post, for some reason it duplicated here, I can edit this one, but not the previous one..... sorry, mostly the same but a few additional points) I had a 2015 CRF250R and a 2018 CRF250R (plus a few other KTM's mixed in there.) The bar bend on the XC does not feel natural to me, if I keep the bike I would try a different bend. Most of the XC is actually pretty good, but the WP suspension really spoils the party. The CRF bar bend feels perfect (to me). I am running 105 sag, the CRF feels slightly taller, but it only has one ride on it, the suspension will loosen up. I feel the 2019 XC ergos are getting closer to "japanese feel" than they used to, but that bike still feels a bit long and low, slight chopper feel, the AER fork sits up a bit and has a LOT of stiction, not a great combo. It does not absorb trail trash like Showa or KYB does. The KTM pegs still have a slight rearward bias. (I am 6 ft 1 in. BTW...) I have never felt at home or comfortable on the KTM, my riding buddies all say I look like I am not riding with confidence and appear to be uncomfortable/fighting the bike. I do not enjoy riding that bike..... The CRF egos fit me perfectly, I feel most comfortable on this bike, proper ergos put you in the correct position to ride/race aggressively, I feel relaxed, in control and instantly faster and more confident on the CRF, the suspension, handling and ergos are all helping that feeling. Showa suspension is plush, very little stiction and offers tremendous control. The power is strong smooth and very controllable = faster riding on tight trail. My riding buddies all agree I am flowing, comfortable/confident looking, and faster on the CRF by a good margin. I have not ridden on a MX track with this bike yet. All single track so far. The way the bike corners and accelerates it will be really good on the track. Gearing between the CRF250R and the RX is the same, but the radiators, FWW and stator are different on the R and RX (RX has a red plastic plug by left rad shroud for a headlight, JCR sells the plug and play headlight/wire/plug, they also sell a plug and play rad fan kit with a built in temp gauge). Mapping is also quite different, the mapping makes the feel of the engine and the feel of gearing very different, they really have a pronounced different feel between the 3 maps this year compared to last year. Nice change!