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    Enjoy riding trails, open desert, mx and dunes.Snow board, surf, and wakeboard.
  1. Davidyz450

    450 has me at the end of my witts

    It should have still started. You still had compression. Was the metal from the piston? Did it detonate? I'd make sure that carb. and boot are perfect before it all goes back together.
  2. Davidyz450

    Frame touch up paint?

    Anyone know if yamaha or someone one else sells touch up paint for a 2003 yz450? I've got all kinds of chip and I want to keep it from rusting.
  3. Davidyz450

    So Cal guys- Unknown Track?!

    I found a note from some other guy on the front gate that also wants to ride there. I wonder if it's some wealthy guy that just likes to ride once in awhile? Anyway we need to get to the bottom of this. We definitely need a new track. So if anyone gets some info, keep us posted. Thanks!! Oops sorry for posting in the wrong category.
  4. Davidyz450

    So Cal guys- Unknown Track?!

    Hey today I saw an awesome well groomed track that was on private property in the Otay Mesa area. It is on Alta rd near Donavin Prison. It's not in the area where most people ride. A friend of mine found it one day and showed me today. It's all fenced off and there's a bull dozer, porta potty, and a big water truck. It looks like it's still being worked on, but at least 90% done. Anyone know who owns it???? The track looks to be very well designed and bigger than the El Cajon track. I would definitely pay to ride there!!
  5. Davidyz450

    carbon fiber heat shield

    Get universal CV boot clamps from any local part store. You need the tool to install them but it's really inexpensive. They are stainless steel and when installed correctly won't come loose. They are very low profile.
  6. Davidyz450

    Street Legal YZ426/its almost done!

    What about a kick stand? Well I guess you could just lean it against someone's car!
  7. Clean your carb. out. It sound like a jet may have got clogged. It can back fire running lean. If the rich mixture of the choke circuit makes the bike run good then I would say it is lean. Like the previous post cam timing could be an issue, but unlikely. Rich or lean, if the cam timing was way off, it would run poorly. Let us know when you find the problem.
  8. Davidyz450

    Hey wrenches!

    Send it to a good machine shop that all ready has all these tools. Or buy the tools which would probably cost more than sending it out.
  9. Davidyz450

    Brake rotor R&D

    Inexpensive, light weight, with excellent cooling and stopping power!
  10. Davidyz450

    retro graphics

    Don't you also need a yellow gas tank? or just graphics?
  11. Davidyz450

    tips!!! please!

    If you have a digital camera take some pictures while disassembling the engine. It could be useful for reassembly. And if you screw up you can post it so we can give you a hard time.
  12. Davidyz450

    Engine overheating! (V8 Jeep not YZ)

    It sounds like like you need to confirm the over heating with an accurrate gauge. As for the grounds you can do a voltage drop test. Take a volt meter while the engine is running and connect the negative lead to the negative battery post and the positive lead to the engine block or manifold. Put the meter on volts DC and it should read less than .05 volts. Due the same to somewhere on the chassis and radiator core support. They should also read less than .o5 volts. If not clean grounds and/or add more ground staps. But don't ignore gauge. Verify whether there is a problem.
  13. Davidyz450

    Engine overheating! (V8 Jeep not YZ)

    If you have bad engine grounds the radiator could be grounding the engine through the coolant and causing electrolasis in the radiator. A new radiator could be clogged in as little as 30 days with a weak ground. Check all engine and chassis gropunds. If you have an A/c condensor in front of your radiator make sure it is not clogged or blocked or anything in between them. Have you confirmed a working gauge with a known good one or a pyrometer? Weak grounds can also cause inaccurate gauge readings.
  14. If you sent the bike over seas check to see if there is a U.S. embassy and try to call them to see if someone can pick up your bike. As far as the money goes the banks are never responsible for counterfeit checks unless someone forged your signature and they still cashed it. Something similar happened to a friend and he called the FBI and the Secret Service. They both said that they have offices in Africa and caught many people but their countries won't prosecute!
  15. Davidyz450

    Using the clutch when shifting

    dido on the no clutch. Only on starts and turns and sometimes in the air that's about it for me. I always let off on the gas when I shift.