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  1. He was the only one to clear 35 feet..... was it a tie ?
  2. Heads UP !!!! Where is my SX ???? My Tivo was not going to record Supercross from Minn. this weekend. I searched by time and channel and found that Speed is no calling it "AMA RACING" . I had to set up a new season pass so it will record now.
  3. SMWRF88

    TTR 125 Footpegs - What can I fit

    I used the pegs off of a KX85, with slight mods to the spring. Cheers, Donnie
  4. SMWRF88

    Building a track, WOULD THIS WORK?

    HAHA.....good luck!!!
  5. SMWRF88

    Supermoto track day at VIR!!!!

    A track would be GREAT!!! I would be there to support it. We raced there with SMUSA in late '03. We raced the Patriot course. It was FAST and I loved it. I wish SMUSA didn't fall apart and that we could have raced there some more.
  6. SMWRF88

    starting up in SM

    There are tracks at Beaver Run PA, OVRP NY, Englishtown NJ.
  7. I used the AC10's on my WR250F with a Baja Design kit. The hooked up great in the mud and hold up OK on the road. I like them.
  8. SMWRF88

    xr100 valve adjustment

    .05(.0002) on both intake and exhaust.
  9. SMWRF88

    Shorten YZ forks for TTR125???

    I recently put a set of KX 80 forks on my TTR125. They made the front end too high. I had a shop lower them about 3 inches. They work good now.
  10. SMWRF88

    Beaverun 8/10

    Did they have the NASMOTO race at Beaver over the weekend ?
  11. SMWRF88

    RC to NASCAR....

    Rossi is going F1 racing after motorcycles.
  12. SMWRF88

    is a 250f up too the job?

    This will be my 4th season on my WR250F. 250's ROCK !!! You will learn to go faster by riding better and smarter, not just by twisting the right grip. GO FOR IT.
  13. SMWRF88

    250 4 strokes

    I own two, '03, WR250F's. Bought both brand new in '03. First one is modified for super-moto, 2nd one is closer to stock for off road. No major problems with either. I love um both.("Almost", as much as my TTR125)
  14. SMWRF88

    how do you like your WR

    I have 2, '03, 250's and I love them. I race super-moto with one and off-road the other. No major problems with either.
  15. Don't count on it. MotoGP bikes and AMA superbikes now have E-start. How many years ago did everyone think that 450 4-strokes would never work at in door SX ? How many guys at ALL LEVELS of competition, have you seen on the side of the track, kicking and kicking, to re-start their bikes ? When the "Factory guys", like Bubba, are losing points and races because they can't re-start the bike, they will fabricate lightweight starters and batteries to cure the problem. I'm really surprised none of the manufacturers have done it already. I say 2 years tops, it will happen. What say you ? PS : ALL my "race bikes" have electric start.