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  1. I think I was in 3rd grade when Dad brought home a Rockford Chibi in the trunk of the car. I probably rode a neighbor kid's Briggs powered mini bike before that. But the Chibi was a real motorcycle with a kick start and 3 speed manual clutch transmission. Rode the wheels off that thing all over the farm till I wore it out. Then a Suzuki TS90, TS125, Yamaha IT125, YZ465, Suzuki PE175. Got married and took about 15 years off, then bought a hammered old RMX250 for myself and a Honda XR70 for my son. Most recently on a 05' YZ250. Gave up riding several times over the years but the dang disease never seems to stay in remission!

    Fork heel rests mod?

    How about this? It's the right color.
  3. Hill climbing has a lot more to do with the rider than the bike, not that the bike isn't important. My YZ250 with a Gnarly pipe and 11oz flywheel weight is a climbing beast. But I have seen riders who are expert level MX riders on 450's who don't have a clue about hill climbing. It's when you start to loose momentum that separates the men from the boys. Then throttle control, body position, tire pressure, even suspension setup all make a difference. The trick is maintaining momentum without wheel spin. A really good "offroad" rider can climb hills on almost anything with knobs. A novice might do better on a slightly heavier, tamer 4 stroke. Personally, I'm somewhere in between!

    Which bike should I sell??

    Unless you are absolutely in love with the Honda, send it packing. A 15 year old 250 4t can be a money pit. The YZ is a couple years older but it's a great bike with good parts availability, good aftermarket support and cheap to rebuild. And you've done everything there is to do to the KX and probably will never recoup your investment in parts and labor if you sell it now. Run it and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And if you sell the Honda, you'll only need 1 gas can!

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Most 2 strokes have 2 bolts and 2 springs holding the pipe on. If I'm selling a bike and the buyer has cash in hand and price agreed on pending piston/cylinder inspection, well that's a no-brainer to me.
  6. On your next bottom end rebuild take the coil spring off the right side crank seal before installing. LOL That should give you the blue smoke you're looking for! Just remember to top off tranny oil after every ride.

    Moose throttle cam and Steahly flywheel weight review

    I have an 05 YZ250 with the Gnarly pipe and 11oz Steahly. I would say the FWW adds lugging ability/stall resistance and only slightly slows throttle response off idle. Grab a handful of throttle and it's still a beast. I have read on other threads where some guys actually prefer the fatty pipe on YZ's to soften the hit off idle but I can't speak to that since the Gnarly was on the bike and properly jetted when I bought it. I will say the throttle cam is going to be my next mod. Ay 53 years old and out of shape my biggest issue is getting tired toward the last stages of an enduro. That's when I get "whiskey throttle" and start bouncing off trees! So I'm hoping the throttle cam helps.

    Gearing & flywheel weight advice? YZ250

    I have a 2005 YZ250, same motor as a newer bike. I am 53 years old and rode 2 strokes off and on my whole life. My last bike was an RMX250. Bought the YZ used from 2nd or 3rd owner so I don't know if the internals such as porting and head are stock. Previous owner claimed about 8 hours on a fresh top end and the jetting seems to be spot on and very crisp. Bike came to me with an FMF Gnarly pipe. I rode it for 15 minutes and immediately ordered a Steahly 11 oz. flywheel weight. This tamed it down a little bit but I wish I had got the 13 oz. in hindsight. I ride trails and do a couple enduros a year, eastern woods, tight single track stuff. The key seems to be to keep it a gear high and let the motor lug. A YZ250 with the torque pipe and properly jetted will pull down to almost idle as long as the throttle is open a little. Lots of potential, just fine tune it for your riding, I know I am not done fiddling yet. May try the timing thing and pull the carb to see what needle is in there. But get tired or lazy, sit down too much and start getting "whiskey throttle" and all bets are off. That's when you start bouncing off trees. Of course, loosing 25 lbs. and doing more cardio would be the best "mod" I could do!
  9. #1 Hodaka #2 Can Am #3 Montessa Show up at your next enduro or hare scramble with any of these and you'll be the coolest cat on the starting grid!

    When Can I Stop Holding My Breath?

    2 stroke pistons have locating pins to position the ring gaps properly so they don't line up with any of the ports and catch the rings. If you had gotten a ring misplaced you would not have been able to compress the rings enough to slide the jug down over the piston. Or at the very least you would have had to force the jug down and ruined the cylinder bore before you ever started the engine! Don't ask me how I know! If it runs good you got it together right so just ride it. If you want to worry about something make sure you have a new or properly cleaned air filter and the airbox boot is installed properly to the carb. More fresh 2 stroke top ends have been ruined by dirt than anything else!

    XL185 Performance

    I just picked up a 3700 mile 79 XL185 with all the original factory equipment in working order (missing 1 mirror). I intend to commute a couple days a week and let my 18 year old son use it as a first street bike just to get his feet wet. It's a great little bike but is very choked up in stock form, 10 horse power I think it's rated! Anything over 50mph has it weezing although it will reach an indicated 64mph on a long slightly downhill run. I am interested in any free or cheap performance improvements. Does anyone have experience with this bike on airbox mods and jetting specs? Does anyone know if any XR200 parts will fit, such as a larger carb, etc.I ride primarily at 300-1000 feet elevation. Also, any suggestions on exaust? The stock exaust is all there but the silencer had rusted and been patched and the internal baffle is loose and just rattling around. I am thinking of ditching everything from the headpipe back and getting a tailpipe custom bent but any suggestions on a muffler? I would like to keep noise reasonable and retain a spark arrester if possible. It may seem silly to put any effort into something this out of date ,but these old school dual sports are really cool and this thing gets lots of looks and comments wherever I ride it. I'd just like to make it a little less of a pooch! Thanks!