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  1. I've always had that mind set When your time comes it will be the things that you didn't do that you'l regret. I'll keep it all in mind guys thanks.
  2. That's the problem Captian, another rider took my bars out while he was passing me. There was penty of track, he had no reason to do what he did unless it was intimidaion. Well, I'm pertty intimadated now. I'm going through a divorce, I have my own business (and thank god I have an awesome partner), I have a 14 year old daughter. I just have no need to be wadded up on a recliner trying to get my crap back together. I will always miss riding.
  3. I'm with you Gib. I just sucks to have to admit you're getting older. My wreck happened at VDR an the straight that follows the road by the chechin shack. I was wide open when he hit my bars the last thing I rermember was my bars being cocked fully right and thinking oh shit. I'm gonna count my lucky stars and move on.
  4. This is my second hospital stay in my riding career. I can't afford what it does to the people around me. I'd love to ride woods, but I can't ride for fun, fun is rolling that throttle to where I'm at my best. I know who passed me. He hit elbows with me in the first moto, and on the gate I told mhim kindly let's not do that again. I think he was tryimh to intimadate me, I don't know. Racing is racing and I knew what I was getting into when the gate dropped. It was just too much thius time. Thanks for all the support guys.
  5. Was racing last week when I had a guy passing me hit my left bars hard. The bad part is I was in a straight and pinned the last thing I remembered was my bars kicking right and thinking OH F@@K! I've been in th hospital since, might go home today. Here was my list of damage 1. Concussion 2. Multiple right rib fractues 3. Pulmonary right pulmonary contusion 4. CT only pneumohtorax 5. right scapular fractue 6. Right gluteal hematoma 7. Right pneumatocele I had a chest tube for 5 days, a Foley cathetar, and an epideral for meds. I think I'm done riding dammnit.
  6. I got out of bed this morining and decided to bag the race, my next race is in two weeks, I'll be ready for that one.
  7. Thanks Dr. Mark and all who replied, it is amazing what 1800 mlgr. of Ibuprophinn does. I'll be racfing in the morning wish me luck!
  8. Thanks guys. It is funny throughout the day it gets better and then come morning time I at peg one again. I'm thanking God I did not break 'em, I've been thorugh that before. I'm up to one sneeze and one cough in two days. With the pain it is hard not to keep a mental tally.
  9. I had a get off on tuesday. Landed on my right side hard. Because of dislocation of sholders my pulled my arms in and landed on my right one. My ribs are really sore, but not broke. How long will it take for pain to suside, should I fore-go to race this Sunday? I'm in the 40+C points chase so you can see it is a matter of life and death I race, just like Bubba or Chad.
  10. I made the change in 2003. I went to a CRF450 and was sold. Honestly, if you have the skills to change a top end in a 2-stroke you'll do fine on a four stroke. The power of the four stroke can't be beat. You want more roll it on you want less roll it off. I'm on a 2005 RMZ450 now and it is the best bike I've ever owned. For me I set the springs to my weight and added a step seat and I can finally corner. The power is great and power delivery can't be beat. Have at it, you'll love em
  11. The Leatt is better because it was out a year ago. I wanted protection asap. Two weeks after buying mine I did an endo onto my head. Did it save me from a devistating neck injury I don't know, but I did not get a stiff neck and a stinger in my neck like I have before. I've owned it for a year and I won't ride without it.
  12. Okay time to come clean. Back in the day I had to do the same thing with a three rail trailer. In Denver the lack of O2 make cars a bit annemic too, so you could only imagine what 3 cylinders were doing for me. I had to make the best of what I had at the time adn I wasn't giving up riding. That car got me 50mpg all day long and it would go 90, it would just take all day getting there. I roll in a 05 Ram now and I pity the guy, but at least he's still riding!
  13. The manure they added was nice, I'd like to see more of that dirt mixxed in to have the track hold water better. It was still really dry, but the did water three time while I was there and dragged it once. The track is set up nice. I like to see the quads added back in sometime. the track seems short.
  14. So I'm lined up at the gate, I've got the bike in second, already made sure the gas was on, I've got my elbows up, I'm staring at the gate and revving the engine and dragging the clutch. The gate drops and I'm off like a shot, I ripped the start and almost... yes almost... got the hole shot, one guy railed the outside and pulled a bike length on me. This was my best start ever. The problem was two turns later I let a few guys by. I could have jumped a technical section, but I pussed it 'cause I did not want to get jacked and crash. I ended up fifth because I got behind a guy who was riding wide and the pacik caught up. Why is it every time I get a good start, I do crappier then If I had a mid pack start and work my way up to 3rd or 4th?
  15. They filled in the timing section. So I was told, which kills me 'cause it took me grabbing both my 42 year old balls to shoot it, f'd it up twice before I dialed it in.
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