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  1. You've probably used the search feature here so you would've read that doing any mods, intake, exhaust, engine or otherwise is going to affect on the air/fuel mixture. So yes, the K&N filter would without a doubt be causing the bike to run poorly by creating an overly lean condition, especially at idle. Believe it. You have to rejet any & all times you modify the intake system. It will happen again & if you take it to another Honda shop, they'll probably have access to the service records from the other dealer since everything is connected via computers nowadays. Before you do that, or while you have it at the dealer, go ahead & up size both the pilot jet & main jets. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the results... Keep Ridin' D_D
  2. Just like addicts are advised not to use "bad" ones, the XRL shouldn't either. If you do a search here, or elsewhere, you'll find the majority of XRL riders don't have good results using Dyno Jet or any other aftermarket jet needles. You've narrowed it down to almost all but one variable & that is the aftermarket needle. That's not to say that the Dyno Jet needles or kits aren't any good, they're just not that good for the XRL. I had an '04 Suzi LTZ400 that I rejetted with a complete power up kit (DJ kit, K&N air filter) along with an FMF pipe & it ran great, no air/fuel management issues at all. The stock needle (slightly shimmed) with the stock jets works best for the Keihin CV carbs on the XRL. About the only choice left now is to bite another bullet & swap out that needle... Keep Ridin' D_D
  3. Dual_Dog

    First impressions of my new (to me) XR650L

    Feels like you're about 10 (again) & gettin' ready to go out to an amusement park built just for you... Now it's a bit rich for those elevations. You might want to check out the carb to see if a Dynojet kit was installed, including the jet needle. The profile of the needle has been known to cause throttle issues. My buddy who rides an '02 XRL has the DJ needle & it's been quite a bit of trial & error to get his bike adjusted right at WOT after he switched to from a Big Gun race can & headers to the stock head pipes & a Supertrapp IDS2 QC. Ask around but most folks get better results shimming the stock needle about 0.030". I'm surprised you even like the lawn-mower like powerband of the XRL. It is very linear, no real noticeable hit at all with the stock compression, especially compared to a 500cc 2-Smoke... The stock gearing is kind of odd. Just takes some getting used to. Unless you plan on doing a lot of commuting on road just keep it between 60 -70 MPH with the 15-45 gearing. These bikes seem to be happy there for long periods of higher speed pavement duty... That's why we call 'em Pigs... You can adjust the rear shock coil-over spring tension to help in the rear but the XRL doesn't really have a sophisticated suspension. Not bad, but not great. Soft is good for most types of ridin'... Another point is to add up to 5 psi of air in the front forks since they are the air-assisted type. Helps with front end dive tremendously, especially if you have an oversized tank... Check the oil level often, change the oil & filter frequently, clean the air filter clean & keep the chain lubed & properly tensioned & these bikes will last for many miles. Nothin' like havin' your own AAV or All-terrain Assault Vehicle. Plus, there's just about no limit to what mods you can do to it. Basically a never-ending work in progress because who wants the fun to stop anyway... I like these kinds of posts... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  4. Dual_Dog

    Xrl dead battery in a month 678 miles.

    It's like they say nothing's perfect, including batteries. You should be back in the saddle in short order now. Sometimes you get lucky & it turns out being something relatively simple. Not the usual results but take it when you can get it... Keep Ridin' "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  5. Dual_Dog

    Any value in a stock XR650L tank?

    LMAO on that "garage ornament" comment 'cause mine's been doin' exactly the same thing for the last 6 years... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  6. Dual_Dog

    CRF450X vs XR650L

    We here ya. Having a "real" dirt weapon is very addicting. I still miss my (insert '02 WR426F) to this day... Have fun on your new toy, flog the crap out of it & keep after those valves... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  7. Dual_Dog

    Xrl dead battery in a month 678 miles.

    That thought crossed my mind as well. It may not have been properly pre-charged before purchase also... Did you buy your bike used? Reason I ask is (if it was), the PO may have known something was wrong with the bike but didn't let anyone know about it & (possibly) decided against having it fixed. Leads one to believe there could be an over current problem in the system. Now this might make it more complicated in trying to figure out just what the electrical problem is & where it's originating from. Definitely check the voltage at the going through the primary circuit & the key switch. I'm not the best when it comes to electrical so maybe others can chime in here. One thing that is absolutely certain is there can't be any substituting of higher amp fuses ever, unless it's an emergency or it's used as a last resort diagnosis tool...
  8. Dual_Dog

    Ran my 650 without oil...

    A leak down test is probably a good starting point, other than splitting the cases since you can bet most all moving parts were subjected to high heat & the dreaded metal-to-metal contact. Lucky the motor didn't completely grenade... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  9. Dual_Dog

    Xrl dead battery in a month 678 miles.

    It's where I would check first, but it does sound like the electrical system is overcharging & cooking the battery. Start it up with a good battery or try & bump start it, put it in neutral & then check the voltage at the battery (at different RPM's) as Brian mentioned in his post... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  10. Dual_Dog

    who owns both 600R & 650L

    Yes & no. I don't own both but I've ridden big Thumpers in the dirt for a long while now so this should be helpful. Yes for the fact that it's street legal out of the box & that it's a Honda. No because the L weighs about 30 lbs. more than the 600R, has a softer suspension, a detuned, lower compression R motor, etc... Yes, the gearing is different & the motor is not as powerful... That's been the quest for many of us L riders, to make it (more) dirt worthy. It's doable but it does take some effort & cash. DOT knobs, larger (plastic) tank, bigger & better pegs, better bars, smaller front sprocket, CV carb mods & jetting, foam air filter, taillight mod. The list could go on & on & so can the funds needed to support them... The L is a factory street legal ride & the VIN reflects that, even if it isn't in it's original or stock form any longer. Rule of thumb is if it's plated & registered the present, it can continue to be in the future. Aside from pumping up the compression on the L, you'd probably be better off searching for a plated XRR. Don't get me wrong, the L is a fine bike & I really enjoy ridin' it everywhere but it's just not a "true" dirt bike. It's best described as the bullet-proof jack of all trades machine, master of none... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  11. Dual_Dog

    My L is F'd thread.

    Well, looks like a good time to pump up the volume, so to speak. If you're going to split the cases there are many options for upgrades. Good luck on your new "adventure." Keep Ridin' D_D
  12. Dual_Dog

    I pulled the trigger

    That's about as good as it gets. 920 miles? Shoots, it's not even broken in yet. Even has some of the desirable extras already on it. Check the oil, tire pressure, fuel up & get out & ride that new baby... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  13. Dual_Dog

    Cold Starts- Almost Impossible

    Valves are "fairly" easy to check. Shouldn't be that hard to start. Fuel formulation (ethanol) or the oil viscosity could be a factor with hard starting at low temps. Get a Honda Factory Service or other quality service manual first, get the right tools & then you could consider attempting to adjust the valve lash or gap, if they are out of spec. I don't live in a freezing climate but this could be an issue if the engine is really straining to turn over, let alone start. I run 15W-50 full synth in mine all year but my XRL gets to sleep in a comfy garage when parked... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."
  14. Dual_Dog

    XR650L colors

    This is a cool web link that has some thumbnails & bullet point information for the XRL from '93 to '98 & from '03 to '08. http://www.motorera.com/honda/h0650/xr650l/xr650l.htm Has a bunch of other Hondas listed in the main page, if you're interested... This can help with your question, but from '98 on (possibly '97 without the decals) the side panels are white & the fork boots are black...
  15. You won't be too disappointed, especially when it comes to having the convenience of the "magic" button... Keep Ridin' D_D "It can't be the rider, it's gotta be the bike. Yeah, that's it..."