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  1. DualSport650

    My newish '96 XR

    $800 BUCKS!!! Nice snag! Honda XR600R's are GREAT BIKES. I rode one for 7 years. Very reliable. Never broke down ever...
  2. DualSport650

    bye bye piggy, you will be missed.

    You'll miss your PIGGY and buy one again. Seen this happen many times...
  3. DualSport650

    xr650r racks and panniers?

    Giant Loop Moto bags are great for dualsport. http://www.GiantLoopMoto.com/
  4. DualSport650

    how many miles?

    Prolly have 15-20K on my BRP Mega-Dualsport. This bike RIPS. Sounds BAD too. Clicky the linky: http://s188.photobucket.com/albums/z189/baconsandwich21/?action=view&current=three-creeks.flv
  5. DualSport650

    What can you haul in a toy hauler?

    I put my 3-seater JETSKI in mine. Use a winch to pull it and it's trailer into the toy hauler and strap it down. Get to the lake and lower it down the ramp. Then use the truck to stick it in the lake. People look at me funny and cannot believe I fit that BIG JetSki AND it's trailer in the toy hauler. Got 2 snowmobiles in there too...
  6. DualSport650

    6.0L vortec

    We have a 2005 Chevy Suburban with the 6.0L. It's a GREAT motor! It pulls our heavy 24 foot toy hauler fully-loaded up. Does good on flat land, but it doesn't like the steep hills. Gotta go DIESEL or BIG BLOCK gasser for the motoring up the hills.
  7. DualSport650

    China Hat helmet cam footage with good crash

    GNARLY pile-up!!! I posted a linky to the vid over at www.BendDualsport.com
  8. DualSport650

    08 XC300 vs 08 CRF 450: what to buy?

    Dude. Get the KTM 300 2-Stroke. I have one and LOVE IT! They're AWESOME! Super-light Great power Great suspension Juice Clutch!!!
  9. DualSport650

    Can they "outlaw" 2-strokes?

    Only if they catch you.
  10. DualSport650

    Power of R over the L

  11. DualSport650

    New Honda TRX 300EX - What Accessories and Mods?

    Cool. What's a good muffler, header and air filter to to open this thing up? I know NOTHING about QWADS.
  12. Hey Guys, I just bought my wife a 2006 Honda TRX 300EX from a guy who's wife didn't ride. It's totally STOCK, has only a few hours on the motor and I got it for about 50% off retail. Not a scratch on it! SCORE!!! I've never owned a QWAD before - just bikes. Do you guys "uncork" these, re-jet and open up the exhaust to breathe better like we do with Honda XRs, etc.??? Or just leave 'em stock and ride?! What accessories and mods are a "must have?" Bark Busters? Nerf Bars? Thanks in advance. QWAD Noob - OUT.
  13. DualSport650

    My favorite XR650R pictures.

  14. DualSport650

    Big Bore Kit – Which One?

    Hi Bronco78. Thanks for the info. This looks good. I noticed that "Burned" recommended the Millenium Technologies stuff too. I remember you are from Oregon. How goes it in IRAQ???
  15. DualSport650

    Big Bore Kit – Which One?

    Ha ha! That's what I told my bro. Just GO BIG - GET A BIG RED PIG!!!