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  1. yes, service is needed for sure:) any stock specs or other tips would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I have a 09 Beta 525RS. I'd like to know what stock spring rates are used in forks and shock. Valving info would be nice also. It's too stiff/harsh for me. I''m not sure if I need softer springs or valving changes, or what, but some specs on what I have would be a good place to start. I bought it from the first owner and he said its not modified. thanks. I wiegh 170
  3. I just bought used '07 KTM 525EXC. It has a rev-loc autoclutch that's several years old. Previous owner had no clutch lever at all. I hooked up the clutch lever. It just pumps up really hard and won't disengage the clutch at all. Any idea what's wrong? The revloc in my KTM 380 WILL disengage with the lever. Its a cable though, not hydraulic. I don't get why it's not working on the 525 motor.
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. I love carbs. They are easy to maintain and rock solid reliable if treated properly. I have a DR650 (heavily modified) which works very well for most riding. Trouble is it's just too big for single track (for me anyway). When I'm out exploring, the nastiest little trails tempt me but I can't ride them on the DR. I also have a plated KTM 2 stroke, but it really sucks on the road and has 90-100 mile range with a 4.2 gal tank. I'm looking for a bike that is in between these 2. I think an RS or EXC is the way to go, I just need to know about reliability cuz a day of riding for me is 150-200 miles, not just 50 in the dirt.
  5. Hey Beta guys, I'm thinking of using a 2011 450RS as a ADV bike. Will it do thousands of miles without a new top end? How about parts availability? General reliability? I do pretty hard core dirt and need good suspension also. Any comments appreciated. I don't mind doing frequent oil changes if needed.
  6. yes there's enough room for 2 bikes. It is a smaller bed thatn my Ford Ranger tho. The height is the biggest problem for me. I always feel like there's no place to stand while loading/unloading cuz the be is small. Rubber side down, Nelson Kawasaki KZ1000 Motorcycle ebook
  7. The ridgeline is nice, it drives like a car. BUT the bed is the absolute smallest you can get 2 bikes in. And the bed is super high off the ground. My buddy has one and I've loaded bikes in it a lot. Rubber side down, Nelson Kawasaki KZ1000 Motorcycle ebook
  8. No up and down that you can feel is what I meant. If I feel any up and down, then I replace, if not I run it a while. That method has worked for me for 40 yrs. If that was my bike I would definitely split the cases to inspect further, though. You will likely find debris in the bottom end.
  9. If there's absolutely no up and down play, and it feels perfectly smooth with no rumble or resistance when rotating you should be good to run it for a while longer.
  10. maybe the clean aluminum on the outside of the piston is your "read?"
  11. I think you have the WP extreme 50mm forks. I had the same bike. They are super awesome offroad! I suppose you could go with a more street oriented 21" tire, but sounds like you really want some sticky 17 inchers?
  12. 2.75 is too far. If your jet is clean, it is too big. 1.5 turns works for most bikes with the right jet size. Try 2 sizes smaller
  13. you say "without choke it just bogs off instantly.." That sounds like a plugged pilot jet to me.
  14. check out the "380s Only" thread on KTM talk. I think it's basically the same bike. Jetting should be similar.
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