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  1. Thumpin-rn: any idea how much those kits cost?
  2. mjh

    Close ratio or wide ratio?

    For trail riding, I'd recommend the EXC. As an MXC owner, I can tell you that first gear is ridiculously tall. Although I don't have a speedo, I guessed that the factory gearing let you go well over 30mph in first gear.
  3. I ride a 2001 400 MXC in the Rockies and had the No-Bog installed last fall. The improvement was nothing short of astonishing. The low-end through mid-throttle improved so much I accused Jeff of boring it out to a 450 and not telling me! The bike starts easier, snaps off idle quicker and pulls like crazy at the low end. If there's any sacrifice at the high end, I didn't notice it. I usually ride at 8000 or 9000 feet, with occasional trips to the "real" mountains for climbs to 12,000 feet or more. I've timed down my accelerator pump, installed an adjustable fuel screw, and tried all sorts of jets. All of these made minor improvements, but the No-Bog kit is the only thing that made my bike run the way I think it should. I highly recommend this for anyone riding at high altitude.
  4. Another vote for EXC. I'm trying to use an MXC in tight trails and it's tough. In theory a close-ratio would be better in tough stuff, but only if it can be geared down sufficiently (the KTM can't--even 13/52 is tall for the MXC). For the wide variety you describe, wide ratio is the way to go.
  5. mjh

    Keep the orange side up!

    Welcome to Club Orange. I also ride in Colorado and can help with the jetting. Try a 168 main jet with stock needle in clip #2, then adjust fuel screw for best idle. I've used this from 6 - 12k feet and it runs well. The plug checks show it's still a little rich, but will be very rideable as a starting point.
  6. mjh

    13 - 53 TEST RIDE

    My 02 400 MXC has the same problems (should have bought EXC). Against many recommendations, I have been running 12/52 (yes, 12) and it has made a great improvement for Colorado trail riding. I was reluctant to post because so many people talk about problems with smaller c/s sprockets, but I am one of those people (i.e. fools) that just has to see for himself... No problems in about 8 months, though I haven't ridden much over the winter.
  7. mjh

    wheelie power

    I'm having the same problem with off-idle response, but the rest of the range seems very good. My bike did not run well until I changed the clip to #2 (stock DTM needle). I suggest you try this as the 400 seems very sensitive to clip position. Current setting is 48, 168, DTM#2 with FS adjusted at the start of each ride for best idle speed. 2001 400 MXC, riding from 5000 - 9000 ft in Colorado. I tried an EMP needle but could not get it to work very well, though I've since learned it may take a MJ as small as 158.
  8. 400JY: Have you experimented with the EMP needle? I also ride in Colorado and plan to try the JD jetting (EMP#3, 165 main) on my 400. Was wondering if anyone has tried it on the 400 yet...
  9. Want to have fun with your riding buddies?? Point the kickstarter and ask innocently "what is *that* thing for?!"
  10. mjh

    520 MXC gearing???

    I have a 2001 400MXC, it came stock with 14/50 (I actually counted the rear sprocket teeth after hearing about confusion with KTM's spec sheets). The change to 13/52 did not require any changes to my chain. Right now, the axle is near the back of the travel.
  11. mjh

    520 MXC gearing???

    Toad, I have the same problem with my 400 MXC. I changed to 13/52T and it improved things considerably, but there are still problems on tight uphills. Switching to 12T does not concern me from a gearing standpoint, I just wonder if it will cause other problems. My KTM manual lists 13/14/15 as the options for CS sprocket. This might mean that 12 is too small.