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  1. smaas

    DR650-no power bogging after snorkel removed. HELP

    If you cut the top of the air box and made a bigger hole, the only thing you can do is rejet it. Even shimming the needle wont work. It lets in a lot more air and leans the bike way out. The jet kits come with needles to solve this problem along with new main jets.Get the procycle or DJ kit. You will be happy with the upgrade. Untill then try tapeing the top back up.
  2. Both are great bikes . I use my DR 650 for everything. From adventure riding to trail work. Trail work is difficult but doable. I ride with a guy on a DRZ400 and other then long highway runs he is fine. So the only quesrion you have to answer is are you going to spend more time on a trail or the highway.Everything in between both bikes do very well. I found out after buy my 650 that I love adventure riding and am glad I bought it. Either one you buy will be fun and exciting. You can fine tune either bike to your needs.
  3. smaas

    wandering idle

    You dont need to remove the carb to get to the plug. Just remove cables and hoses then loosen clamp's and rotate it around. You can access both top and bottom of carb just by rotating it one way or the other.
  4. The Japanese think all Americans weigh 140 lbs. The first thing I did to the DR after carb mods was to re spring it front and rear. Now its great. Have fun with the Honda and post up some pics.
  5. Oops. Should have read the last page. Have fun with the Honda. As you can see in my pick, I ride with Honda's (ps. I can smoke both of them in a drag race )
  6. The DR has a rear disk brake. The Suzuki web site is wrong. There are also some other typos. Best thing to do is try and ride both . They are both close competitors and I would ride either. But the DR one my heart....... I will stop there.... no mushy stuff!
  7. smaas

    My DR650 deep water crossing:-)

    Nothing like a romantic dip in a mud hole with your mistress.
  8. The DR comes with the option to lower it even more at no extra cost. It has a oil cooler. The only thing I don't like about the new ones is the hideous color. Not my favorite.
  9. Nooooooooo.....1 more vote for the DR. I had the same question when buying mine new. The DR won and I have never looked back. But I still like the XR ALSO. OH WHAT EVER!
  10. smaas

    Hello from Jonah Street

    Maybe, just maybe, he is getting ready for the Dakar? It would have been nice to hear from him. I hope all is well and he is still enjoying dirt bikes.
  11. smaas

    Hello from Jonah Street

  12. smaas

    Tank bags

    I don't run a tank bag but I use a moose number plate bag and a moose removable rear fender pack. The front one works good for cell phone, camera, ect. The rear one for water, snacks, lunch, maps, ect. And both go on and come off easy.
  13. HA HA HA, Winners take all and Rad were 2 of my favorite movies. I use to watch them, then go put on my brothers motocycle helmet and go ride my BMX. Thought I was hot sh!t. Thanks for the links guys. Just a peice of my child hood.( yea kinda sad)
  14. smaas

    Thinking about moving to Wenatchee. Pro and Cons?

    Grew up in Cashmere (up a canyon) and love the little town. I currently live in East Wenatchee and also like it. This valley is the gate way to hunt, fish, and ride. But it dosnt come without its small problems, but so far, the pro's out weigh the con's.
  15. smaas

    A new style brake lever...

    How come when I am on the trail and decide to preform this cool mod, my levers always break off or bend up, or down. Never in a angle that is usable ? &%$#@! !