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  1. TucoJuanMariaRamirez


    I'm pretty sure @777654321 is racing this weekend. He's currently compiling his pro stats for me.
  2. TucoJuanMariaRamirez


    Was told in no uncertain terms by the missus to remove granddaughter flipping bone to TTr's.
  3. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Webb is the new Diesel

    OK. You seem to lack commitment to objective reality. You won't get any internet cool points here champ. You're like a rule book dude, you know, never do _____, but there is 11 pages of exceptions? "IF" my granny had balls she'd be my granda.
  4. TucoJuanMariaRamirez


    He'll be back with the 722 97 and 800 stopping for popcorn and a ciggy around 12 minutes in.
  5. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    JS7, the silence is broken

    Great post. Could you spice it up a bit?
  6. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Is Tomac a quitter?

    Well..... If say you offer a free battery here and there I'd be more inclined agree that's fo sho.
  7. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Is Tomac a quitter?

    Give us your pro stats sport. Bowman didn't hide behind a poor grasp of the English language and sausage fingers. I mean, now that we all have the enormous displeasure of the gibberish you call some of your most far out posts, hows abouts a little bio? throw us a bone champ. edit: 2 top 400 ish places at the dez 100 and dead last at a race at china hat in November some year.
  8. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Is Tomac a quitter?

    I thought that's the &%$#@!ing idea bruh. I agree though.
  9. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Is Tomac a quitter?

    Tomac is like the thoroughbred kentucky derby winner loser with sprint speed, but as soon as another gets in front and throws dirt in his face he backs off.
  10. Ralph " Moosecan ahead of BB there dan" Dan " yeah ET3 is ahead of moosecan there" Ralph "looks like BB, sorry cole seeley" How do you confuse pumpkin with honda red?
  11. Basically talked about being an adult an not an &%$#@!. Gave props to his peers, how being a parent has matured him as person, how his kids pull the same shit on him he pulled on his parents.
  12. CR22 just nailed that interview. I'm no CR22 swinger, but that was a polished, well said bit that hit all the marks.
  13. Early qualifying in the AZ today 1000am.
  14. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    JS7, the silence is broken

    OK OK. So Bowman bails and mysteriously you show up around the same time. Are you doing BB a favor getting more posts? You post all day and night, mostly gibberish but whatever. Do a little more TT homework b4 you post half the shit you do. You seem to have a bit of inside info, but your delivery sucks. You a double agent? You show up and try to run the show after bowman bails? hired gun are you? You'll need a bigger caliber bruh.
  15. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Who is ready for another mudder at Seattle?

    Some poor bastard pick up all those names.