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  1. I was hoping someone could share the stock shim stacks for the forks on a kxf250 2012. The rebound valve nut fell off!
  2. jbranford

    KTM Valves

    I was hoping some one could tell me if I am safe to use PRO X valves in my sxf 250? if not what are my best options? Del West is expensive!
  3. jbranford

    Hot Cams Stage 2 Camshaft

  4. jbranford

    ThumperTalk Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

  5. jbranford

    Wiseco Cam Chain

    Not snapped yet
  6. jbranford

    Sisneros Speed Works +1 Intake valves

    Intake and exhaust and springs from RHC, amazing
  7. jbranford

    Cylinder Works Big Bore Cylinder Kit

  8. jbranford

    Suzuki DR-Z400 (2002)


    Great fun, owned for 7 years and very few problems
  9. jbranford

    Suzuki DR-Z400 2002

    Great fun, owned for 7 years and very few problems
  10. jbranford

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Today was a good day, thanks Ron
  11. jbranford

    Which bearings needed for full bottom end rebuild

    Jus seen your link that I copied from haha
  12. jbranford

    50,000 mile motor, pics/inspection

    There is a guy where i'm from in Scotland who's clock stopped at 100,000 miles. The motor has never been rebuilt!
  13. jbranford

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Finished till winter