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  1. WatsonNH

    Ryan dungey just got a hall pass

    I like this ruling, too bad they did not release it sooner. I think there are a couple of teams that might have spun up a special bike given more time. I think the op is right, this was clearly a move to have Dungey in the show. Also a nice way to say: "keep your stupid electric toy bikes at home"
  2. WatsonNH

    My crash at State Line hare scramble

    He should have backed down: G. Passing Riders. All riders must obey reasonable rules of the road when overtaking and passing each other. It is the responsibility of the rider being passed to make way at the first safe opportunity. It is the responsibility of the passing rider to pass safely and cleanly. Flagrantly discourteous and dangerous riders are responsible for their actions and may be disqualified and/or barred from future participation. I've only got a couple of Hare Scrambles (C-Sen) under my belt, but one thing you learn really quick once you hit the single track is who's fast and who's slow. It's so simple; if you have clear trail in front of you, and somebody's riding your rear wheel, let them pass... In this vid (please fix you camera angle squidless) You have a C200 rider holding up another rider that started what, like 3 rows behind him? Squidless waited for the correct spot to pass, The C200 rider should have let him go...
  3. WatsonNH

    auto clutch, hand operated rear brake

    With your bike properly jetted for nice crisp throttle response, an auto-clutch does an amazing job. I recently installed a Rekluse Z-Start Pro on my KTM 200. Rode the same technical trails I've always riden, and didn't miss the manual clutch at all. Front wheel lift control was a non-factor... It was not till I installed the LHRB that things really changed. The rear hand brake has greatly increased my comfort and control, thus allowing me to ride quite a bit faster, and for longer periods of time. Win Win!
  4. WatsonNH


    JD jetting has posted some random dyno results. 2007 KTM 300: http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/image/68032401 Looks to be 45hp...
  5. WatsonNH

    So why do you ride what you ride?

    To answer the question "why do I ride what I ride?" I went with the bike that best suited the areas and type of riding I like to do. I tried really hard to make that bike be a YZ250. In reality though, the correct bike was a KTM 200XC-W. I still have the YZ, and in many ways think it's a better bike - constrution = rugged as h#ll! but the KTM's ride through techy rocks and tight woods is unbeatable (imo). I just find some of the KTM's engineering choices to be questionable - wouldn't trade it for anything though (well maybe a newer 200 )
  6. WatsonNH

    Dear MX Sports Pro Racing/ Alliance of Action Sport

    Is it really that hard to figure out? Break the moto's into separate 1 hour broadcasts and sell them to two different networks. Win win, it's all about the money... Btw, is it just me, or are the Rockstar girls WAY hotter than the Monster girls???
  7. WatsonNH

    Big Buck 2011 GNCC footage

    Great vid! Was rooting for you to get by that KTM, and laughed when he went down as well
  8. WatsonNH

    CBS fails again

    Judging by the number of commercials I'm pretty confident CBS made plenty of dough from this broadcast. It's also pretty evident not alot of money is going into the production quality. Here's a suggestion; how about getting an actual sx/mx fan in the production booth telling those clowns what action they should be showing us. At least they threw in some split screen stuff last week. This week was just sad.
  9. WatsonNH

    CBS fails again

    Worst coverage ever. The AMA should be ashamed for allowing this to go on week after week....
  10. WatsonNH

    "never laid down" lo freakin l

    Here's another for the list: "never raced" yet there are custom number/backgrounds all over it in the pics...
  11. WatsonNH

    Shut up about Reed. JUST SHUT UP!

    This is a great idea, someone should start a "All time best Take out/Block pass Video thread"...
  12. So the CRF230 is a possibility, but I think there's a bunch of 250's that folks would recomend, and remember: "Most models of Motorcycles in the category 0-260 ml are eligible."
  13. I don't understand this at all, they want inexperienced riders on more powerful machines? Am I missing something here?
  14. WatsonNH

    2 stroke dyna ring adjusting

    I've got 2 rides on my Dyna Ring in my '05 YZ250. I love it, handles all the loose rocky technical crap we have here like a champ! Mine is set up with 3 springs, and I did install the thicker washer in the thrust bearing. My bike idles fine in first, but I did up the rpm's a little bit. My bike does have a flywheel weight, but now with the DynaRing I'm thinking about taking it off. I'm also using the BelRay Gearsaver oil, and have also noticed that you can still ride away with the clutch pulled in. I'm planning on ditching the clutch lever and doing a LHRB anyway...