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  1. ZUKIfanOBX

    Sold the Z :(

    Just wanted to say thanks to TT and all members for the great advice on maintenace and where to find mods at the best prices. I know you've all heard it before but this forum is the best knowledgebase on the WWWeb for the DRZ. I wish you all happy trails, safe rides, and good times on your Z's. I've informed the new owner about TT. Maybe he'll become a member soon if not already. God bless you all. I'll miss you guys and gals. Take care, ZUKIfanOBX. "Zeke"
  2. ZUKIfanOBX

    Weird Idle?

    Thanks Craigo. I was thinking I needed to go back to the 25 pilot. And I did search and found a few threads including the one you've posted. This thread seemed like the closest to my Issue. I switched back to the 22.5 during the summer as the bike seemed a little rich {sluggish low speed). The 22.5 fixed it for a while. more crisp low speed. Now that its cold again It seems lean and the Idle hangs high by a few hundred rpm although still running very smooth. Let out on the clutch and pull back in, Idles fine.
  3. ZUKIfanOBX

    Weird Idle?

    Thanks Eddie. I'll try that and report back.
  4. ZUKIfanOBX

    My DRZ SM Tribute Video

    Nice camera, bike, riding area and video.
  5. ZUKIfanOBX

    Weird Idle?

    How was this resolved? I am having the same problem only my story is a little different. I installed the JD kit wth the 25 pilot and the TT EFS. I then did some more reading here on TT and found some info stating to use the 22.5 pilot with the TT EFS. So I changed back to stock 22.5 pilot although I wasn't having a problem with the 25 pilot. Just wanted to see if it would run better like a few have said. Well, same symptoms as the OP on my bike after I went back to the 22.5 pilot. I have backed off the EFS a little to about 2.75 turns and it has improved slightly but still noticable. Anyone familiar with this issue? I would appreciate any info on this subject. Thanks TTer's. Should I adjust the screw some more? or just put the 25 back in and the EFS back to 2 turns?
  6. ZUKIfanOBX

    Jack too flimsy?

    I use this: http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/-/-/-/-/-/-/186621/ Gets down to 9" and fits under the SM.
  7. ZUKIfanOBX

    How far & where did you ride today.

    Sunday, not today I'm at work, I went on my first real off road ride on the SM with a friend on a XT 350. We rode alomost 70 miles and about 45 miles were off road on gravel and dirt roads {no trails}. It was "test the shinko 244's" day. We were at the alligator river national wildlife refuge (registered vehicles only, must be plated). No hills, a few puddles and a speed limit of 35 (I think). It was about 4 hrs of riding and it was a very good time. Worst thing that happened was my buddy's plate broke off and we had to back track but we did find it and made a nice new aluminum bracket at my house after the ride while we were sprayng the mud off. It was in the high 30's and sunny. The shinko 244's performed very well in my opinion for a 50/50 tire. They hook up good enough to wheelie on gravel and sling the mud enough to stay clean and moving forward. I was very impressed with the ability of the front tire to climb out of deep ruts at a decent speed without sliding out. Happy New Year!!
  8. ZUKIfanOBX

    yamah drz 400?

    just thought i'd share. not mine. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/mcy/2775196779.html dang, got the title wrong "yamaha"
  9. ZUKIfanOBX

    jetting help

    160 main 25 pilot? got the 3"x3"?
  10. ZUKIfanOBX

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas from eastern North Carolina. I wish you all a blessed holiday.
  11. ZUKIfanOBX

    Secure weatherproof iphone mount

    I just did this this week with my iphone 4. Had a beltclip for an otter box defender. Modified it to be used with my lifeproof Gen 1 case. I think lifeproof has options available for bike mounts. check it out. http://www.lifeproof.com/lifeproof-store/apple-accessories I have total confidence in this case. I have submerged it in salt water several times and it has held up well.
  12. ZUKIfanOBX

    Update: DRZ Hit by car

    Congrats on the bike and healing up good.
  13. ZUKIfanOBX

    The riding game.

    No abandoned mines around here. I'm sitting at 9' above sea level.
  14. ZUKIfanOBX

    Questions for those that have knobby's on the SM

    I just got mine installed this week. Went on a 10 mile test ride. Off road has improved substantially and onroad...well....its different. not bad but different. 244's sound like super swampers on fresh asphalt. I decided not to balance them just to see what the tire quality was and its not bad at all. Not as smooth as a 90/10 tire but not bad. I also considered the 705's but i went 244 for the dirt. I like the 244s so far but ill chime back after a few more miles.
  15. I've got my rear wheel off for the second time right now and dont remember seeing any o-rings? what size?