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  1. Leardriver

    CRF250X Tight Valves

    I'll give you $400 if you don't do anything to it. Deliver it just like it is.
  2. Leardriver

    Crf250x Motor Oil?

    That bike holds so little oil, and revs so high, that the additional benefits of synthetic oil are a microscopic price to pay. The bike holds 26 ounces. A jug of five quarts of Mobil 1 is $25. That's 160 ounces, or 6 oil changes per jug of oil. $4.33 per oil change for synthetic protection. Are you trying to find a way to spend less?ūü§§
  3. Leardriver

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    I bought a rim clamp tire changing machine like Discount Tire has. I have easily changed tube tires on it by going slower and holding the tube out of the way. It holds the wheel assembly up higher, is easier on my back, does all of the spinning and tire bar holding, and I can drink a beverage simultaneously.
  4. Leardriver

    A Colorado Icon Gone Too Soon

    My son told me last night. I'm in shock. Prayers to his family.
  5. Leardriver

    2007 CRF450R Running Lean?

    A perfectly jetted bike will decel pop a little. I suspect that a 45 pilot and a 165 main will have you dialed in a little better.
  6. Leardriver

    Honda CR250R vs Honda CRF450R

    I love riding two strokes. They are a blast. After riding my son's 2018 CRF450R, I wonder how bikes could ever get better.
  7. Leardriver

    250R cam?

    It will only lunge if you want it to. Throttle control is the key to all riding. if I could find a light enough 2000CC dirt bike, I would ride it, because the power is there when I want it.
  8. Leardriver

    Best valves

    I have used KW and they absolutely work as advertised. It makes a bike pretty bulletproof. I wonder how the PRO-X kit is. They can be had for $70 for intakes and springs, and that sounds like a bargain. I've heard of positive reports on Pro-X, just haven't tried them myself.
  9. Leardriver

    Honda CR250R vs Honda CRF450R

    I had two strokes forever, but the technology got better, and four strokes are light years better. My son had Buddy Antunez's Arenacross bike, and it was bullet fast for an '04 CR250, but my '05 CRF450R could cream it around a track, with less effort. There is no Two stroke made that could even begin to tempt me to get rid of a Four.
  10. Leardriver

    Hard to cold start

    At what temperature? Fuel atomizes slower when it's cold, and even a perfectly tuned bike is slow to light. What jetting are you using? I have had at least 10 450's, and never had to use the hot start ever on any of them.
  11. Leardriver

    250R cam?

    The difference in power between the 49 state cam and the X cam is 3.5 HP. With a 152 main jet and a hole in the airbox, closer to 5 HP everywhere. Still at least 3 HP away from a 250R, but that is head design. Take two X's, one stock and one with an R cam, idle side by side, and twist the throttle 1/4. The R cam bike will lunge ahead, has much more bark and forward drive from a stop and everywhere else just keeps compounding. So, in the range of RPM where you would drive one of these, you won't be disappointed by the R cam. The Hotcams stage 1 is fine, but the R cam can be found used everywhere for $40 to $70, and from a pure value point, makes the bike more enjoyable.
  12. Leardriver

    250R cam?

    The X cam statement isn't true? Take any X cam in any configuration against any R cam, and the R will blow it away in power delivery. I've dyno'd too many of these to guess.
  13. Leardriver

    250R cam?

    The R cam is better everywhere. The X cam was a compromise to keep the Cali green sticker people happy.
  14. Leardriver

    Do you use a manual cam chain tensioner???

    This. There have been failed OEM tensioners, but it's not an epidemic, and not enough to warrant giving it a minutes worry over.
  15. Leardriver

    Android borescopes

    Gynecologist? I will just order one and see. Inspecting plumbing and engine internals once would pay for it.