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  1. Leardriver

    Kick back

    As far as jetting, a 165 main and 2 turns out on the fuel screw.
  2. Leardriver

    A lot of misinformation about jetting

    JD is a little rich, because it has to be for liability reasons. The only way to know that your bike is close on jetting is to measure it. A dyno pull is $50, yet people will pay more than that for a jetting kit.
  3. Leardriver

    Found a 2017 crf450x for 8300.00 otd

    I have a 450X. Love it. My son has a 2018 450R with E start. It is light years better in power, handling, suspension. I would buy the new X any day if it is based on the newer technology, especially EFI and a 6 speed, even if I have to save up a little more.
  4. Leardriver

    Used 2016 Honda CRF250X

    There are plenty of 2007-2010 bikes in perfect shape for $2700.
  5. Leardriver

    Stupid owning two pairs of gloves?

    If I got down to ten pairs of gloves, I would feel naked.
  6. Last year, after a knee replacement and a lot of healing time, I feel like I've lost the zip. I have raced for 20+ years, been the A rider in my group, and never let my 55 year old age slow me down. It doesn't help when I'm watching an endurocross, and my friends say thing like "you would win if you entered." Not true, but nice to hear. I am thrilled to be able to ride with my adult children, and bounce around at Moab, and when I go a little slower, I see more wildlife on the trails. Maybe being super fast isn't the attractant that it used to be.
  7. I have a rim clamp tire machine like a tire store has. You can mount a tube tire easily. Just go an inch at a time and hold the tube out of the way. The machine holds everything up higher so you don't trash your back.
  8. Leardriver

    Salt Lake Area KTM Jetting

    James makes his kits a little rich, because he has to dumb it down. Jet the KTM 2 main sizes leaner for 4000 feet elevation, 3 sizes lean for 6000 feet.
  9. You guys change tires depending on the place? I use the same tire at Moab that I would at Poughkeepsie gulch. Wear them out, replace them. It used to be a Dunlop 752. I use whatever Dunlop or Bridgestone's intermediate tire is.
  10. Leardriver

    Initial jetting

    A 158 jet is for 6000 feet. A 165 is correct for sea level. 45 pilot, 1 7/8 turns out. The stock needle works better than people like to give it credit for.
  11. Leardriver

    Sold CRF450X and got XR650L- need advice

    I had both. The XR really woke up with a higher compression piston, like 10-1. Stock is terribly low, like 8.8-1. An FCR carb, and it still makes 10 HP less than the 450X. An XR650L is a dual sport, which is code for it being a terrible dirt bike and a terrible street bike. Good for exploring.
  12. Leardriver

    Ttr230 full exhaust. Cheap vs exspensive

    I absolutely changed the jetting. I tuned it on a dyno, so I could measure rather than guess, and posted the results here. I like more power as much as the next guy, but I would suggest saving your money for your next bike, and not try to make the TTR230 into something that it is not.
  13. Leardriver

    Ttr230 full exhaust. Cheap vs exspensive

    I dyno'd the 230 with stock and then FMF exhaust. Not even 1/4 HP difference, and it took away from low and mid range torque. Save your money. Spend $10 on a one tooth bigger front sprocket, which lets it pull longer in each gear, and the bike is great stock.
  14. Leardriver

    RMATV seems to be charging Sales Tax in CA Now !

    Believe me, they hate having to collect. It is an accounting disaster, loses sales, and irritates their customers.
  15. Leardriver

    Ttr230 when will you outgrow one?

    The 230 is surprisingly competent. If he wants to play on the trails, he will enjoy it.