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  1. Jettaron91vw

    Chain an sprocket kit?

    I've had good luck with my sunstar sprockets and rk chain. Have about 12-13,000 miles on the setup and still going strong. But my sm doesn't see dirt ever, and I keep the chain lubed. I'm running 16/41 sprockets and can run 70 no problem, even before I went big bore. Having said that, I don't like running 70 for long periods of time because it's uncomfortable. But it can be done.
  2. Jettaron91vw

    Dual Sport Type Helmets

    $450 and it's just meh? That doesn't sound like a good helmet.
  3. Jettaron91vw

    What are the best street tires for the SM?

    I have ran a couple sets of pilot powers for the past 12,000 miles and the wear is great. However I think my next set will be these. I hope I can still pull 5000 miles out of a rear like on the pilot powers.
  4. Jettaron91vw

    DRZ full throttle start

    Gas in your oil. Did you leave the fuel on when the bike wasn't running? Drain the fuel and I bet more than 2 quarts comes out.
  5. Jettaron91vw

    Custom air box

    One guy deleted his air box and ran a pod filter. Craigo had a bunch of holes drilled in his air box cover. There's no real gains to be had from what I've read, and you'd be on your own to figure out jetting. But can it be done? Yes.
  6. Jettaron91vw

    How many miles is to many?

    Try www.bikefinds.com too. Compiles the list for you and shows the distance to you. That's how I found my sm
  7. Jettaron91vw

    Pilot Pro 2CT's What PSI are you running?

    for track I have ran those pressures, for street I up them a few psi, but living in coastal Georgia I am cursed with wide, flat, straight roads so I'm more concerned with tire life since corner grip never really matters in my case.
  8. Jettaron91vw

    Pilot Pro 2CT's What PSI are you running?

    Same here
  9. Jettaron91vw

    Front sprocket

    I did. You have to grind the crap out of the case saver behind the sprocket cover to get the chain to clear it. Also I had to trim some of the swing arm slider away.
  10. Jettaron91vw

    VIDEO - Power in a Box

    There's gotta be a downside to that carb, no? It seems too good to be true. Anybody know more about these? Anyone know what the hp figures are compared to an FCR?
  11. Jettaron91vw

    MRD Z-Pro! How To Order The Wrong One! (Just Like Me) O.o

    I didn't really think this was going to be a blame xyz guy thread, so if I can off harsh in my response it wasn't intended either. I was just trying to ask "the dumb questions" in the easiest and most direct way possible. Emotion is hard to convey sometimes through the Internet. OP I hope you, or anyone else, didn't get the idea that I was calling you out for bashing. I was only trying to reassure you that everything will be ok and that you'd most likely be taken care of based on what I've seen and experienced in dealing with the parties involved.
  12. Jettaron91vw

    MRD Z-Pro! How To Order The Wrong One! (Just Like Me) O.o

    Cruising is fine. I'm running 16/41 gearing with a big bore, fcr, and cams and I can cruise at around 55 and the exhaust isn't too bad. Now sometimes at certain speeds you get that reverberation sensation, sorta like when you have the windows down in a car on the highway. Under load when I'm on the throttle it's like there's firecrackers in my ears. For longer or faster rides I wear earplugs, not only for the exhaust but also the wind noise. My fly trekker helmet gets lots of air noise. Oh and another bonus about the shorty MRD is under hard deceleration at night it shoots flame! Watch out for melted turn signals! Glad you were able to fab up a bracket to make it work for you though.
  13. Jettaron91vw

    MRD Z-Pro! How To Order The Wrong One! (Just Like Me) O.o

    Truth! I ordered a shorty one (2 inches cut off the can) and it's magical sounding.
  14. Jettaron91vw

    MRD Z-Pro! How To Order The Wrong One! (Just Like Me) O.o

    1- you ordered the system for an e right and not an s/sm? 2- is your subframe/frame tweaked in any way, shape, or form? 3- Dave at MRD is a great guy and the product is great, so I'm sure he'll be willing to work with you if you contact him. You did contact him first before coming here right? 4- on my sm, installation was a breeze, so I'm thinking #1 or #2 is the issue. Each bike is different in the way it's dropped or crashed. 5-speaking of installation, you followed the instructions that came with it? Not trying to insult your intelligence just trying to rule out the easy stuff.
  15. Jettaron91vw


    Finally got everything put back together. Turns out my intake valve clearances shrunk to nothing, and that's why I was having trouble starting it. Pilot jet was clogged (as suspected) from the lovely ethanol gas. Cleaned carb, readjusted valves (and dropped a shim into the head prompting a multi day search) and fired it back up, with the old battery. It was still good. But since I had the earthx here I installed it and I'm happy to report there is a noticeable difference in crank speed. I've never heard it crank over so fast. Installation required some tweaking of the stock terminals. The height of the battery required the metal cable terminals to be flattened and the holes had to be reamed out a little to accommodate the thinker battery terminal bolts; nothing major. Hopefully the valves stop moving (just had the head redone with new valves and recut seats) so I can keep riding. Again, thanks everybody for the input and the info.