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  1. I bought a set of the cheapo chinese thick rads & have been very happy with them
  2. You can change the oil out yourself easy enough I put in 10wt suspension fluid it helps but you can literally feel it fade once the oil gets hot In the end I put a scotts damper on....
  3. what video setting are you using?
  4. bionicman

    HPSD rebuild

    Just wanted to give a heads up. I changed the fluid in the stock steering damper as a last ditch effort to calm the bike down in the desert type terrain I ride in. The old fluid was maybe 2.5 wt oil I installed 15 wt suspension fluid. The result was a noticable positive effect. Even with the damper in the lightest setting it provided light steering but a noticable improvement in higher speed stability in sand washes. I found when the oil heated up results deteriorated slightly but still an improvement While not a total cure it may just save me the $$ of a Scotts setup & weight. It worked for me maybe it will work for you.
  5. I have the ebay rads & scorpion guards on my 450x I have had no issues & would buy again in a nano second
  6. I dont know if it will fit. But I have to ask why? I threw mine in the trash & replaced with a scotts damper that actually works....
  7. dude way too much time on your hands LOL
  8. maxxis desert it tires scotts steering damper sub mount setup package
  9. ordered some stuff from TT w/o issues would buy again
  10. one night chew that muff like nobodys buisiness then tell her afterwards that your thinking of getting back into racing
  11. I have probably 50K on a foldable harbor freight trailer behind various small cars such as a nissan maxima, toyota corolla etc w/o issue
  12. my wives bread knife worked for me - just don't tell her also you can use an electric fillet knife
  13. scorpion racing make ones that fit http://www.scorpionracing.ca/
  14. I will agree to me the TLD brace looks to have the most complete package for MX applications. I do like the POD brace for the fact the patella cup is attached via the frame thus taking major impact via a larger surface area throughout the entire brace frame. Also for the fact it seems to have the most complete patella coverage. Particularly the area above the knee cap where a handlebar, clutch lever etc may make impact. I appreciate the input. as a MX application I am leaning towards the POD unit http://www.podmx.com/ or the TLD unit http://www.troyleedesigns.com/pdf/kneebraces.pdf at this point I will refer to my Dr. show him the braces I have in mind & see what he says
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