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  1. Getting out of NRG stadium last week in Houston was a mess as well. Going in the gates was the same way. I don't think the SX organization paid for enough stadium staff to properly control traffic. Not sure about the concessions gig but I'm guessing it's staffing was based off of ticket sales. It's all about the $$$.
  2. My last two changes have been right at the 30 hour mark. Both times the old oil came out almost as clean as the new oil. Running a Rekluse CX and spent two weeks riding in Utah on one of the changes. No noticeable degradation in shifting either.
  3. Has anybody heard anything on the stock charging system? It's not lithium specific on bikes from just a few years ago that I've heard of. Maybe a non-issue but I'm curious.
  4. I use Slime with my Tubliss also. I get green goo coming out of spoke & valve stem holes too whenever I put on a new tire.
  5. I put a Skinko F546 fatty on my TE Last year in February. Went to ride in Utah in April and rode some pretty rocky stuff. Came back and rode the rest of the year. Total miles so far is 987. Time wise is 66 hours of riding. I run TuBliss and didn't like the way it handled in fast sweepers at 8 psi. 10 was much better. I really like the tire now too. Predictable handling and a good front end feel. Surprisingly not too bad in mud either. Usually by now I would have several side knobbies torn off and more getting ready to go but this tire is really wearing well. I have the 525 Cheater on the rear now too. I put it on up in Utah and my first ride I hated it. Felt like crap everywhere. Gave it another shot and really started liking the way it rode. Later I realized that I was just having an off-day of riding. I run it at 5 psi with TuBliss and it has taken over as being my favorite rear tire. For an inexpensive set of tires these have not only worn very well, they have also really ridden well. Of course, YMMV....
  6. I just got my seat back Monday. Once I get it broken in, Spencer says a few tanks of gas, I'll let you know.
  7. A few years ago I went to Moab with some buddies. We trailered 30 miles down a dirt road to ride the Enduro Loop and Dead Cow. Trailered 30 miles back. Didnt use a single strap but the pegs did make the top clamp look like a saw tooth.
  8. On the Risk Racing clamps just push down the left side leg until the expansion chamber goes over it. Worked for my '03 CR250R and on my 16 TE250.
  9. I've sent three seats to Spencer's Seat Mods http://www.greatdaytoride.com/ My ZX636, my WR450F, and my CR250R seats. I get the gel foam long distance upgrade and they are great. Real reasonable and Frank has a quick turn around. I am going to send the seat off my TE250 to him. He can reshape or make it taller if you want. I did a 300+ mile day on the WR at a SLAP DS Rally back in '12. No monkey butt.
  10. I've used a Zac Speed combination hydration pack, backpack, and chest/shoulder protection for years. I had the middle size. I recently bought the smaller backpack model for riding around the land my dirt bike club leases.
  11. This is the setup I'm running on my '16 TE250. After I mounted this I put on the TrailTech fan kit but kept the coolant tank.
  12. I have my open 5x10 trailer set up to be able to mount 3 Lock N Loads. I used T nuts underneath the wood boards and I pull the whole rig out so the floor is flat in case I need to haul other things. Have a socket in a cordless impact driver and it takes minutes to put them back in.
  13. If you use just the straps on the fender bag you have to be careful. Somewhere between Ouray and Animas Forks CO there's a fender bag with a tube and tire irons. I even notched out the fender for the strap hooks and tried to keep them tight throughout the day..
  14. I had a pair of Crossfires and loved them. Wore them for years. No break in required. Got a pair of Crossfire 3's last year.
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