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  1. klx450junkie

    1995 RMX 250

    Thanks for the help guy's. I did email fullfloater.com, Just waiting for a reply. Thanks again.
  2. klx450junkie

    1995 RMX 250

    I am restoring a RMX 250 for my son and I'm trying to find the stock graphics for it. Any idea were I can get them or who can reproduce them? Thanks for the help.
  3. klx450junkie

    2005 crf450r service manual

    I'm rebuilding my brother-in-laws 450 and in need of a 2005 service manual that i can download. Thanks
  4. klx450junkie


    Thanks guy's it was over filled......
  5. My friend has an 08 WR 450 and is sitting in the desert with an air box full of oil. I thought maybe it was over filled but it didnt do it in the morning. We went out for a ride in the afternoon and when we got back from our ride there was oil all over. At idle nothing is comming out but when you rev it up oil is comming out of the valve cover vent tube in the air box. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

    Had the bike out in the desert for a week. It ran sweet... Thanks all.
  7. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

    Nice, but I got the head done with all new SS valves,springs,guides,piston set and gasket set for 640.00:thumbsup:
  8. klx450junkie

    way to treat your bike

    When I grow up I wanna be just like him not. Stupid is as stupid does.
  9. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

    I wonder if it is a cooling issue on that side.
  10. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

    Well I took it apart today to see what shims I would have to order. Bad news the valve that was tight is .024 higher than the other valve WOW. I cant shim that so it's off to the machine shop for a valve job. Has anybody ran a cross the same problem?
  11. klx450junkie

    New powerbomb header/KX muffler- Popping on decel

    Get the R&D flex jet fuel screw it cured my decel popping.
  12. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

  13. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

    I'm going to shim it for now and do the whole top end next Month. Thanks guy's for all the great input.
  14. klx450junkie

    2007 valve ?

    Long story short. My son has an 07 crf250r. He said when it's cold there is like no compression. When its warmed up it feels normal. So took it apart and checked the valves. The exhaust valves are .009 and looking forward the left intake is .005 and the right one I can't even put a .002 in. Do you think I can just shim all of them to spec and be good? Should I replace the intake valves and piston rings? Why does Kibblewhite only sell an intake valve and spring kit? Are the intake and exhaust valves both titanium? Thanks
  15. klx450junkie

    Front Disk Rotor

    Just from a little roost job guys not a crash or bolder bashing. It will deflect a lot more than a solid disc.