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  1. SheBeast

    Brand new 2014 DRZ 400SM

    Talk to me when you've done a Bun Burner Gold.........just kidding nice looking bike you have there!!
  2. SheBeast

    Fork Maintenance

    ya think?
  3. what model shorai is that? My shorai was way smaller than stock, had to add all sorts of shim to stock battery box.
  4. I wouldn't think you would have to cut the box using the Shorai, it's tiny!!
  5. SheBeast

    Smokin deal! Don't be jealous

    Nice bike! The previous owner is probably a member on TT and will be posting up a thread soon about how he just sold his bike on CL, seeing this thread will make him realize he lost $400!
  6. SheBeast

    Pic's of a DRZ Cleaned up

    Is there filter oil on there, almost looks too clean. Like your headlight, who makes that?
  7. SheBeast

    B&B Offroad Rear Rack Group Buy -- PRICING INSIDE!!

    Nice Rack! I'd be in for one but I'm still liking my Tom Slick rack. I've bought a few B&B products over the years though and if you're sitting on the fence, they are very well made IMO.
  8. You might also want to consider a DL650. They can be had for dirt cheap and they are very reliable/comfortable bikes!
  9. SheBeast

    Finally getting the pipe my bike deserves!

    KLX's always look better with muzzy imo!
  10. SheBeast

    Cycra Triple Clamp Mounts

    I didn't have to bend or do anything to mine. Keep everything loose while you install them and then then tighten.
  11. SheBeast

    Everyone loves a Kaw.

    I'm using an Sm tank with my KLX, doesn't look bad imo.
  12. SheBeast

    Suspension done by SSW

    I really gotta get this SSW magic done on my S suspension! Every time I am ready to send my stuff off to Ed something stupid comes up and I don't have the $$$.
  13. my only thought is the bracket for the 320mm rotor is for the SM and not your SR. The SM forks might be the difference. It's nice to see another SR to SM conversion though, sweet bike!!
  14. SheBeast

    New member to the family, it's an SM

    Sweet!!! How can someone put 347 miles on an '07??
  15. I have no respect for the squids riding around wearing fools gear. I won't even wave back at them when they ride past me. I know that may make me an ass as well, but I guess I've just gotten fed up with it over the years and it seems to be only getting worse where I live. I would rather wave at any Harley rider than a squid on a sport bike. The gear and 'tude of these riders does irritate me, but what really drives me bonkers is how they ride around with one hand on the bars and the other on their thigh/hip, do they know how gay they look??