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  1. My 2000 XR650r - WV plated There might still be info in the classifieds on it...
  2. anyone have a stock 9.2 shock spring they want to sell? thanks rich
  3. rdbandkab

    which GPS do you use

    I use a Magellen Map 330. Came with Mapsend Streets, a AC cord, and I'm able to download firmware(regions, vertical profiles) and work with a pc. I got it for a little under $300. here's a link for review: http://www.gpsnuts.com/myGPS/GPS/Hardware%20reviews/Map330/magellan_map_330.htm
  4. rdbandkab

    04 te450 for sale

    $3800.00 bumpsville.
  5. rdbandkab

    04 te450 for sale

    see classifieds for 04 te450 info: Thanks!
  6. rdbandkab

    05 TE450 carb

    05 carb(Husky upgrade for the 04) originally purchased for my 04 TE450. Used once before TE went up for sale(see classifieds). Asking $350.00 for the carb. pm if interested. Thanks, Rdb
  7. I currently own a Husky TE450(soon to be replaced by a Gas Gas EC300), a 1974 Suzuki T500 Titan, and an Aprilia RST1000 Futura... and non-motorized: a Cannondale Jekyll mountain bike.....
  8. rdbandkab

    te450 may be for sale.

    The sale is on..... 04 TE450 Tasky's flywheel weight, Keihin carb kit from Husky, Bark Busters, original Centenial fork guards and side panels in bags, new radiator graphics going on. Very good shape! Pittsburgh area. pm if interested and let me know if you want pics sent to email. Going to start cleaning her up tomorrow.... Thanks! rdb
  9. rdbandkab

    te450 may be for sale.

    Selling the TE450........... Anyone interested please send a PM... 04 TE450 - Tasky Flywheel, updated to the(05)carb, original centential plastic still in bags. Just getting the word out, and figured you guys might know someone that may be interested in the coming weeks.... thanks. rdb
  10. rdbandkab

    Let see everyones computer desktop.

    @home @work http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y32/rdbandkab/US1.jpg
  11. possibly a Hodaka Wombat! Or a Combat Wombat!!!!
  12. rdbandkab

    front wheel bearings

    Thanks! Was just getting ready to delete the thread! Finally got through to dealer!!!
  13. rdbandkab

    front wheel bearings

    Hey, Anyone know what front wheel bearings are run in the front hub of the 04 te450 off hand? Couldn't find the number and don't want to rip into it if I don't have to........ must be having brain fade!!!! thanks in advance rdb
  14. rdbandkab

    Anyone making plastic fo 2005 Husky TE's

    they say it can be done....but that's changing ALL the plastic and the seat. Plus, I'd wait till the 05 plastic is readily available..