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  1. brentktm

    should i get the 2010?

    buy it the dirt bike market needs the money
  2. brentktm

    nitrgen in shock

    what it the nitrogen in the shock for. One guy posted on anther site that he charged his to 175 psi. I dont see that shock holding that much pressure, so I am 90% sure he didn't know what he was doing, and I just dont see how they could charge the shock with out a schrader valve
  3. brentktm

    06 or 08 KTM 300xcw

    I have an 06 300 XC and now have an 08 300 XC. I would go with the 08. The front feels lighter but turns better and the power smother. The 08 XC has harsh forks stock but are easy to fix with a re valve or sub tanks. The extra you pay now will be there if you sell the bike
  4. brentktm

    09 300 missing some mid range power

    have you tried a diffent spark plug?
  5. brentktm

    making a 300 feel narrower

    try some of the PG gripper graphics. I have a 08 KTM 300 and an 08 CRF 450, I dont think the KTM feels any wider then the Honda. Dose it have the stock tank on it?
  6. brentktm

    A bike for a seven year old. . .

    I think if he has never rode a bike get the KTM senior pro or adventure 50 or a Kawi 110 just plan on moving him to a 65 6 month latter
  7. brentktm

    nitrgen in shock

    yeah and I think most bike do. The only thing that this shock has is a allen screw that would be about the same size as the air bleed screw on forks. I dont see how the factory would have been able to charge the shock with just that, and it would be in with the oil. I dont think that the seals would hold much pressure for a long time kinda like forks if you leave the compressed for very long.
  8. brentktm

    ASV or Sunline levers

    wish I would have seen this earlier. I got the ASV levers because a freind talked me in to them. I like the lever, but it pulls about the same. These ones sound like what I wanted:banghead:
  9. brentktm

    nitrgen in shock

    What dose the nitrogen in the rear shock do? I know why they use nitrogen, I just dont know what it dose. The reason I ask is because the shock on my kids 50 sx pro senior was leaking. I took it apart to fix it and can not see how it would have been charge with nitrogen. I have read that people will take a schrader valve and put on it to charge them, but the more I think about it the more I think that they do not charge these shock? Anyone know?
  10. brentktm

    08 KTM 50 SX Mini - Shutting Down

    I have the same bike, and had the same problems. First thing I would do it take the oil injector pump off and make it a pre mixer. Next if you kid is just starting to ride trade the washers in the clutch to the springs. The springs are a lot cheaper and you dont have to change the oil as much as you will with the washer, but the washers have a better hit off the bottom if your kid is a fast rider
  11. brentktm

    ASV or Sunline levers

    Out of all the levers which one do you think has the best-easiest pull to it. sounds like I will stay away from the sunline though.
  12. brentktm

    ASV or Sunline levers

    I want to get a set of levers for a bike of mine and dont know what ones I want for sure. Looking at the ASV F3 or the sunline V1. The main reason that I want them is for an easier clutch pull, I have been told that they make it easier.
  13. I am looking at getting one on a crf 450R. I have rode a bike with the pro (I think) and didn't like the way the manual part of the clutch worked, but I have heard the the rekluse core the clutch works just like stock but dosnt stall, but they have a clutch packs. One for manual and anti stall. What is the difference? Is the manual just a normal clutch
  14. brentktm


    dont do the dual one 3" single sound way better IMO. In my Chevy they put the muffler to close to the cab and it make it louder inside then some of the other truck with the same exhaust
  15. brentktm

    KTM 50 shock

    On my boys 50 sx pro senior the rear shock is blown. I have read somewhere I think it was on here about taping and putting a tractor schrader valve on it so that you can fill with nitrogen. Anyone done this and how much oil and what pressure do you charge it to. Thanks for any help