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  1. I prefer the look of my 2018, although those front fairings arent bad. wonder if any of the new parts will fit a 2018
  2. Hey all, bike is gonna be here wednesday. Gonna buy the map switch, and maybe the billet powervalve cover. what are some must have mods for this bike? i wont really be racing track, just trail riding and dunes. mostly sand trails.
  3. talkinghamster

    Back to bikes 6 years later.

    ended up pulling the trigger on the 2018 TC-250 motocrosser
  4. Hey guys, my last bike was a 2010 KTM 150sx (absolutely loved that bike) and then after some injuries I decided to try out RZR's. I was riding a 2016 RM-Z 250F all of last summer (dealership demo) Now that I am almost finished university I have decided to go back to dirtbikes since all my friends have them and owning/hauling a side by side is too much of an expense/pain. I am looking for mostly trail riding, with the mostly sand riding. I will be going to the track occasionally but very rarely. maybe once a year. I am pretty small, 5'10 and 150lbs. My main concern is weight. I have gotten accustomed to four stoke torque, but do not like the weight. I have narrowed it down to 3 bikes. 2018 Husqvarna TC 250 2018 Husqvarna TE 150 2017 KTM 250 sx My main appeal to the 250's is the new counter balancer that makes them vibrate less, but i think a 250 smoker might be too much jam for me. thoughts? thank you.
  5. talkinghamster

    Pitster Pro 140R Jetting

    need help, bought a brand new motor from pitster pro cant figure out the jetting. need sizes for the jets. thanks!!!
  6. talkinghamster

    Check out this beauty that came into work today!!!

    i talked to the guy who owned this, he says he has a sled but bought this just to experiment with. old men with too much money haha!!! these kits run for 4-5 grand, and those 690s are about 12-13 grand. its not cheap.
  7. talkinghamster

    Check out this beauty that came into work today!!!

    i love the Akropovic exhaust, and all that powder coated orange. looked amazing in real life.
  8. talkinghamster

    It happens to the best of us...

    haha no! have you ever hydroplaned a good section of water? not just a puddle
  9. talkinghamster

    2 250fs and a 65 in a f150?

    thats just the trail area into the dunes
  10. talkinghamster

    2 250fs and a 65 in a f150?

    oh my bad. well yea i do that everytime i need to haul three bikes. load the first two on the sides, throw a belly pan in the center so the top part where you would normally put the bike on is pushed up against the bed, then put the bike inbetween it and tie er down!
  11. NO SNIVELERS! my boss always says it. well actually he just calls people snivelers as a joke, well the co workers. (work at a motorcycle dealership) he used to be a pro racer, and ive googled the phrase, apparently its popular in the motorcycle racing scene.
  12. talkinghamster

    2 250fs and a 65 in a f150?

    how so? sure its not a ford but it is still a half ton!
  13. talkinghamster

    2 250fs and a 65 in a f150?

    take notes...
  14. talkinghamster

    a bad summer for dirtbiking...

    yea i guess.. cant a guy wallow in his own self pity around here??!!! haha just kidding. i know it could have been worse.