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  1. xlr810

    270mm rotor on SSS conversion

    I appreciate the responses. I guess I can answer my own questions at this point -- in the time since starting this discussion I went ahead and picked up both a new relocation bracket and newer caliper. 1- The chunky old caliper does fit and work on the standard 270mm rotor relocation bracket made for the newer smaller caliper. 2- The chunky old caliper has larger pistons and similar amount of pad surface area compared to the newer smaller caliper. One other thing I needed to finish out the conversion was a yzf front axle and nut. Merry Christmas!
  2. xlr810

    270mm rotor on SSS conversion

    which years/models interchange with Yamaha? Is the Honda caliper somehow better?
  3. xlr810

    270mm rotor on SSS conversion

    Thanks for the responses. As of now I do not have either the new smaller caliper or the relocation bracket made for the smaller caliper. I'll start by getting the bracket-- maybe I'll get lucky and the old (clunky) caliper will work on it. I was under the impression that the big old caliper has stronger braking force. If that isn't true, it makes sense to just buy the 08+ caliper as well.
  4. Currently I'm mid-install of SSS fork on a 2000 yz250. I discovered that the new fork has different (smaller) caliper mount than the original fork. (new to me SSS supposedly from 07 yz450f-- which I thought was supposed to have the same style caliper as my old 2000; caliper on the 450f changed in 2008-- right?) I was running 270mm front rotor with the OE fork, and wish to keep the big rotor. Is there a way to retain my original caliper as well? Will the relocation bracket made for 08+ yz450F simply work with my old caliper? That would be ideal. The bracket from the 2000 fork cannot be made to fit. Obviously, it would work if I buy the smaller caliper as well as newer style relocation bracket. Is that my only option-- or is there a special hybrid relocation bracket that will fit the old (bigger) caliper with the newer fork mount? Thanks.
  5. xlr810

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to checking it out.
  6. xlr810

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Thanks ericz103! Good to know that a bill of sale will work, too. I doubt the IL stickers would do any good. Sounds like Redbird is the better choice. Is Redbird open every day, even weekdays, and during nasty weather?
  7. xlr810

    Who's got the best tall soft seat ?

    Guts Racing makes nice seat foam and covers, both tall and standard heights; in soft, firm, and hard. I've had very good luck with them. www.gutsracing.com
  8. xlr810

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Which is better place to ride (my preference is for single track trails)... Redbird, Interlake, or elsewhere? I'm in IL-- do I need some sort of registration to ride my dirt bikes at Redbird or Interlake? Thanks.
  9. xlr810

    rm250 rear shock compatibility with 2004

    Ok. I'm not very familiar with the 125's, but I understand that the rear shocks will fit on the RM250s? I'm looking for the best deal on a rear shock that will fit and work well on a 2004 RM250.
  10. Does anyone know whether a rear shock from a 2001 to 2003 RM125 or 250 will work on a 2004 RM250? I realize that in 04 the RM250 switched from KYB to Showa. But, will it physically fit and work properly? Didn't the 03 RM125 have Showa? Thanks!