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  1. 6_ton_suzuki

    mileage fluctuations

    you may have also gotten hot fuel. when the fuel is hot it expands then later once it cools down in your tank you end up with less. not a lot but it may make a difference. just a thought.
  2. 6_ton_suzuki

    DRZ haters

    back to the original question, i raced my mate on a 02 wr250 many many times. beat him every time, he stuck with me till 3rd than i pulled away. this is with 15/47 gearing on my 03 400e,his gearing was standard. these races were on sand, road and just about everything in between. + both bikes were de-restricted with all the adr b/s they make them put on em appropriately tossed in the bin........ however just about every race/hillclimb etc we were both beaten by a 54 year old on a ttr 250. like they all say 90%rider 10%bike. + ya mate sounds like a cocky sh!t and they allways seam to come last.
  3. 6_ton_suzuki

    DRZ400E VS 400S gearing

    wow, i went 15/47 on my 'e'. found that the best for all round. clutch cops a bit but not excessive. maybe im just wierd
  4. 6_ton_suzuki

    Used synthetic for break-in

    I was told by a mechanic (who I trust more than most) that with the coatings on the bore, it does not matter. I went to Motul 5100 (part synth.) at 300km me to. 11000k's still running strong
  5. 6_ton_suzuki

    split hose on fcr

    i have found a small hole in one of the hoses on the choke side of the carby. it has a sleeve glued to the out side of it in 1 section. can i replace this with any hose or is the sleeve there for a reason? p.s. 03 400e aus version
  6. 6_ton_suzuki

    I hit 4000 mi today!

    11000k's on mine. done a speedo cable, rear wheel bearings and fixed a corroded wire near battery. oh yeah and fallen off to many times to remember.
  7. 6_ton_suzuki

    Aulstrailia gets the street legal KLX-400R

    you could also get the yz250 and yz 125 2 smokes steet legal. ps can't get the klx any more cause of the kawi-suzi split up. also xr 650r and 650l are no more down here. when 06 supply runs out, thats it.
  8. 6_ton_suzuki

    AWSOME bike!

    cool. but how much. those materials aint cheap. still want one though.
  9. 6_ton_suzuki

    Is the DRZ SM going to go the 450 anytime soon?

    i thought the 450 had the 5 speed this year?
  10. 6_ton_suzuki

    look at this crash!!!!!

    wat was he thinking. looks like he aimed 4 him
  11. 6_ton_suzuki

    freind cant decied on yamaha or honda

    i would recomend a honda 9 times out of 10. but this is the 1 time. i am yet to hear a good reliabillity story from a crf. many from yamahas. personally i wouldn't call them honda's cause they are unlike any previous model's. crf's seem to stop working quite offten. not like the good old xr's. ps i ride a suzi so this is about as un biased as your gonna get.
  12. 6_ton_suzuki

    Hand Guards for DR-Z400S

    that makes two of us with barkbusters. saved me hundreds in levers alone. ( i fall off alot).
  13. 6_ton_suzuki

    sm for oz?

    i heard a roumor australia is getting the s/m drz next year. it's been confirmed that we are getting the drz400s. has any1 else heard this?
  14. 6_ton_suzuki

    Oil and up-keep

    to answer your 2nd question. i have 10000ks, bout 6000 miles i think, on the clock. used about 5 or 6 tires and 1 chain and sproket set. Thats riding sand, gravel, a fair bit of road and the odd burnout.
  15. 6_ton_suzuki

    Swingarm Pivot Shaft Maintenance (Photos)

    do yours have grease nipples. my 03 has them so i just put a sh!t load of grease through them. is that good enough?