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  1. My experience with the Goldentire GT216 AA 90/90-21 was not so good. Many of the side knobs were torn loose at 141 miles and then it didn't grip well in the corners. My favorite front tire for the slick, wet clay and rocks of western Washington is the Bridgestone M59. It has great grip and the side knobs don't tear off quickly like most front tires. However, the M59 isn't DOT approved. I am looking for an equivalent DOT approved tire.
  2. Eric_in_WA

    Trail bike for kid

    I have raised 3 sons to ride woods trails going from a Honda 50 to full size bikes. This is how they progressed: Honda 50 Yamaha TTR90 (youngest son only) Kawasaki KX65 with Rekluse and de-tuned Kawasaki KX100 Sherco 2.9 Trials GasGas 300 I have to say the absolute best bike for teaching them riding skills was the Sherco trails bike. They could ride some of the most difficult trails better than many adults. Further, they went faster on the Sherco that they did on the KX100 because they rode so much smoother. On the Sherco the could reach the ground easily when they needed to. You can also add a seat if you like.
  3. Late March a few of us cleared Trail 118 up to about 5000 ft elevation before the snow was too deep. Then we went up Trail 2 off the 9075 road and cleared it up to about 4700 ft elevation before we hit deep snow.
  4. Eric_in_WA

    Help save the Gifford Pinchot riding trails

    Is the blade readily removable for transporting? If so, I would be up for it on a cool day in Sept. I don't do well in the heat.
  5. Eric_in_WA

    Is the 2014 really as good as they say?

    My experience with 4T MX bikes in the woods is that when I quickly open the throttle at low (chugging) RPM they cough and die. How does the 2014 YZ250f react to quickly opening the throttle at low chugging RPM?
  6. Eric_in_WA

    Losing power on hills

    Travel for work has been consuming my time. Hopefully get to it soon.
  7. Eric_in_WA

    Losing power on hills

    Checked that - fuel flows quickly out of the hose to the carb.
  8. Eric_in_WA

    Losing power on hills

    Clean filter at beginning of ride. Day wasn't very dusty. Filter oiled thoroughly and excess squeezed out. It ran fine at the start of the hill which suggests it wasn't the filter. No mud or sticks dragging. Conditions were good compared to most days. I will check the float level.
  9. Eric_in_WA

    Losing power on hills

    While trail riding this past weekend, my sons '08 CRF150RB was losing power on steeper hill climbs. It had good power the first 100 feet or so on constant grade steeper hills and then would start losing significant power. I had another good rider try it and the same thing happened. It had good power and ran fine under all other conditions. We have not had this issue before. Outside temps were in the 70's F. I use fresh fuel each ride. Thoughts on what I should look at?
  10. Eric_in_WA

    Brake upgrade for 2012 CRF150R

    What year CRF450 caliper? Does it mount directly or is an adapter required?
  11. How much snow in Trask?
  12. Eric_in_WA

    GP trail work project planned, help needed

    Thanks for the improvements. Let me know next time you are going on a Saturday, since I can't make it on Sundays.
  13. Eric_in_WA

    trials/knobby hybrid

    It works very well. Notably better traction in the loose rock and mud. Remove every third row of center knobs and every third set of outside knobs in an alternating pattern... 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 0 = intact knob X = removed knob
  14. Eric_in_WA

    clutch plate thuickness spec

    They look good. However, plates can look good and be worn too thin. Good ideas on how to measure. I just need the spec thickness for the fiber friction plates.