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  1. motoxgiant

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    You called?
  2. motoxgiant

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    A thousand times yes.
  3. motoxgiant

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    That remains to be seen, and soon enough it will be.
  4. motoxgiant

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    If fluid is flowing it's being worked. Kinetic energy converted to heat, transmitted by fluid to radiating source.
  5. motoxgiant

    Tm 250 mx to enduro conversion

    The lighting coil acts as additional flywheel weight on an EN. When I was getting started with TMs I asked Ralf about the difference in power characteristics between a 250 and a 300 and he steered me to the 300.
  6. motoxgiant

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    The fact that the reservoir is too hot to touch is a good thing - it means that the heat created by working the fluid has been drawn away. If the proximity of the midpipe to the reservoir is an issue, wrap the pipe in insulation.
  7. motoxgiant

    Q Stealth shorty

    PM me
  8. motoxgiant

    Tm 250 mx to enduro conversion

    If its the TM I'm thinking of the suspension has just been gone through. Nice clean bike.
  9. motoxgiant

    Any word on the 2019 CC forks ?

    Typically before the end of September. Might be the last day, but still ...
  10. motoxgiant

    RR suspension 2019?

    Full ride report with pictures or it didn't happen 😉
  11. motoxgiant

    Steering stem bearing install tool

    I've got the Park Tool set up. Spendy, but makes the job easy.
  12. motoxgiant

    300 Race.

    About the cost of a set of custom graphics ...
  13. Good work … let us know how it goes. Suspension, but forks in particular, is where the XTrainer is a little disappointing.
  14. motoxgiant

    2019 ZF suspension overview

    Two springs, two base valves, two rebound/mid-valve assemblies per the fiche. Springs are a different part number than 2018, although that may simply represent a rate change (not listed for 2019 yet).
  15. motoxgiant

    LF: Beta/Sachs CC Forks Damper Rod Seal

    I'm betting at least on of the OD or ID is different than what you've listed ...