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  1. Then "the experienced guy" should buy a bike, any bike really, and race it
  2. I run Motul 660 ... but a good bleed is likely more important.
  3. Unless you skated on sales tax you wouldn't have paid several hundred less.
  4. The '13 has a smaller stock tank (black) and misses out on 4 years of refinement (suspension, frame, headstays, etc). Should you decide you don't like the bike or want an even newer one, the 2017 is a much better proposition.
  5. Race Edition bikes are usually announced in or around September. I would doubt we'll see a 200RE in the first year, just given it's late delivery (November in the US).
  6. You just missed a great Euro-bike demo day at VTR, but in any case, a 250RR can be a great moto mount, and is a good choice for hare scrambles too. I had a 250RE as a demo last year and liked it a lot.
  7. He talks about the 200 being great in the tight stuff, but the video doesn't show what we would consider tight in the midwest. Maybe he got off-piste off camera.
  8. That's a good looking dog
  9. You're a rich, rich man
  10. Kicker is available as an add-on … just sayin'
  11. Like they do when the forks are fully compressed? Will be interesting to get some open on the bench ... Maybe most important is the new anodizing that seems to be indicated ...
  12. Fork guards won't work on older fork as the attachment to the lugs is different. Supposedly the fork tubes have a new anodizing, and there is a new shock. The forks supposedly feature compression, rebound, and preload adjustment from the top. The 200, as expected, is built off the 125 platform and is OI/estart with available kickstart (like the 250/300 this year). More details when we get them
  13. Arrow hasn't been a 2T company in the past have they? Typically HGS and Doma in Europe I think. Going Arrow allows them to control exchange rate exposure ...
  14. We had a multi-brand French/Spanish/Italian offroad demo today at Valley Trail Riders in Michigan. If Beta had 200s on hand they could have sold 20 of them. Guys loved the 144 TM, were more than interested in the handling and suspension of the GasGas, liked the Sherco lineup, praised the Beta 300, but in the end, a 200 would have trumped them all.
  15. I think this was set up as a road-race motor.