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  1. Now you're being silly
  2. That's a silly argument. Do you run your car 30 miles back in the woods? That said, e-start is great ... until it isn't. It's for those times, and they happen on every bike, that a kickstart lever and the associated gears are worth their weight in gold.
  3. We've got OE in stock ... reasonably priced, and fit like the originals
  4. They're already handled ... and it's no bother.
  5. To hold the rings ...
  6. Buwhahahaha ... you've been threatening to buy a bike for years
  7. May be a red herring, but is your fuel tank vent plugged?
  8. Some dealers like to get to know their customers ... crazy, I know
  9. We can hook you up. If we've got it and it's ordered by 2am est it's out by 8am, or we can drop ship if you're in a hurry.
  10. On the 250 for sure ...
  11. I'm using the crate to hold it upright while I prep it slowly over the Christmas break, but as soon as I bust it free I'll through it on a certified scale and let you know.
  12. I guess I'll find out soon enough - the 2016 demo has gone down the road, replaced by a gleaming white 2018 350RE.
  13. I laughed at the guys with kickstands until I got one. I laughed at the guys with e-starts until I got one ... actually, I still do laugh at the guys with them bolted to the sides of their cylinders, but anyway ...
  14. I didn't even need to put a worm on that hook We've made countless Sachs CCs work easily as well as KYBs (and our open chamber work isn't far off), and got a solution to the oil fouling as well ... Point is, every magazine and review used to pan the Sachs because they were too soft, and now they wine because they are too stiff, when in reality they likely haven't even begun to bed in (Dirt Rider spent "a whole day" riding the bike) and they didn't mention even attempting to use the adjusters. Oh well ...
  15. Imagine if they had ridden a Race Edition with broken-in CC forks, or perhaps, even taken a screw driver along and adjusted the suspension There's handguards in every build kit I get from Beta ... don't know what happened to theirs. Whatever - more competition improves the whole bunch.