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  1. Especially if you rode Lynnville last weekend and are racing Roselawn this weekend ...
  2. Thanks Kran. Boys hitting it hard on the Italian beauties.
  3. Maybe ... the US enduro bikes will have the 6 speed and estart (finally), but the option exists to stick with a carb or move to efi. In the absence of the knowledge on how to make a voting thread >>>> if you're in the US and ride off-road, please reply below with whether you would prefer a carb or e-start, the reason(s) why one way or the other, and how much you'd be willing to pay to have a computer mix your gas and oil.
  4. Detent wheel and spring are the only changes from 2017 and prior, but enough to make a noticeable difference.
  5. Keeping in mind that the 2018s are about 10 pounds lighter than the 2017s and previous, if your suited up weight is 200# you might look at the 0.44/5.4 combo. If you're prone to the stress of new fatherhood, then 0.46/5.6 might be a better choice. Have a look at the fork oil when you change the springs, for reasons already explained here and elsewhere. For the price of a set of custom graphics you can get the issue resolved.
  6. I'd agree with that. Really happy to follow up my 2016 350RE with a 2018RE. Lighter weight, great balance, crisp fuel delivery and smooth power ....
  7. I too spent a little time playing around on an EVO 200 this afternoon - trying to balance with the front elevated a couple feet on the front steps of my house. The neighbors are going to love watching this From my notes on the 2018 200, stock jetting is as follows: 48 pilot 125 main JJH-4 needle AS 2-3/8
  8. Welcome, welcome. I'd say 'come on in the water's fine' but you already know that.
  9. Pictures or it didn't happen
  10. 39 other dudes hanging their heads when they have to admit they were holeshotted by a Beta
  11. Still on the '13 RE? A lot has changed with the Beta 2T range since introduction.
  12. As Chris mentioned, you need to use the 2017 mapping.
  13. Nope, super easy. Loosen the fork cap, pull up, seperate the cap from the damper rod and extract the spring.