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  1. RacerXr

    Peick = RCH

    What does Peick have to lose? He's paid his dues as a privateer, had some damn good finishes as a privateer, kicked his own bike when he got excited about a LCQ finish and got frustrated with the call on the track, and copped an attitude at the lamest place of attitudes (xgames). Worse case he goes back to being the fastest privateer on a big bike. How's that different than where he is now?
  2. RacerXr

    How many with a stomach flu?

    Sadly these unexplained stomach ailments are not new. It's hit a lot of the top riders at times over the past 10+ years. It seemed to pop up about the time all the top riders started working with personal trainers. They used to brag about these crazy diets the trainers put them on. Or, it could be related to the better coverage of the races. More illnesses get reported now. Or, these guys are literally inhaling and ingesting significant amounts of dust/dirt/soil just about every day at the practice track and at the race weekend. Soil naturally has lots of bacteria and fungi that can cause all kinds of nasty infections. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/770540 "Infection may occur by direct inoculation or ingestion, ingestion of contaminated food, or inhalation. This narrative review describes the usual presentations and environmental sources of soil-related infections. In addition to tetanus, anthrax, and botulism, soil bacteria may cause gastrointestinal, wound, skin, and respiratory tract diseases."
  3. RacerXr

    Camera in the rafters is the best

    I hated the high shot from the roof. You couldn't see any detail of the race. I thought it was the production team back in the truck getting lazy so they didn't have to cue and switch to the next camera. It also seemed like Ralph was a bit distracted during the heats and semi's. He kept making mistakes calling the riders. I wonder if there was a problem with the video feed from some of the cameras?
  4. RacerXr


    There's no crying in Supercross. My girlfriend compared him to one of the weepy dancers on "So you think you can dance".
  5. RacerXr

    Yamaha TT500 - buying tips

    Don't shy away from the points ignition. It works great, very low maintenance, simple to troubleshoot, and cheap/easy to find parts for it. The solid state ignition works well too, is pretty reliable, but difficult to trouble shoot and more expensive to replace. You'll find people that swear by each one of the ignitions. The SR head has a larger exhaust(?) valve and bigger cooling fins. So it is sought after by the XT/TT guys. I don't recall all the other differences. There are a couple more. These bikes are rock solid, even the early point ignition models. Keep it simple and don't try to turn it into a firebreathing CR500 beating monster and it will run forever.
  6. RacerXr

    XT500 title needed

    Can you get a bonded or salvage title? That would be the way to do it in Texas. Buy a frame off flea-bay and submit for a slavage title.
  7. RacerXr

    XT500 title needed

    A titled XT500 frame is like gold. My vintage race bike has a title. I am tempted to slap lights and a plate back on it for the Fall race season :-)
  8. RacerXr

    Yamaha TT500 - buying tips

    You speak the truth :-)
  9. RacerXr

    Supercross JG33 on the podium

    Was Grant's ride inspired or has the field gotten that thin from injuries? I am not a Grant fan, but I have to give him credit for the podium finish, even in this very thin field.
  10. RacerXr

    Supercross.com team no more short to jgr for outdoors.

    I would be cool with that. But, I think Davi is already doing that. No need to put Shorty on yet another unfamiliar bike. I'd like to see Shorty ride to his potential this summer. I think he has come a up little short these past few seasons, no pun intended :-)
  11. RacerXr

    Supercross.com team no more short to jgr for outdoors.

    I hope Shorty can stay on a Honda. I think that is the best ride for him.
  12. RacerXr

    Supercross.com team no more short to jgr for outdoors.

    I was referring to number of wins and championships. Stewart did help evolve the sport of MX/SX as others did before and after him. While he didn't invent the scrub, he took it to the next level in useful application. And, He dominated the sport for a number of years, again as others have done before him. I am not taking that away from him. I am just pointing out that he is just another very talented rider in a long list of incredible athletes that have been progressing the sport for 50+ years.
  13. RacerXr

    Supercross.com team no more short to jgr for outdoors.

    BTW in Marketing 101, they teach you the story of the Edsel. Look it up.
  14. RacerXr

    Supercross.com team no more short to jgr for outdoors.

    Just because I don't hype him as much as Sheman, himself, or others here, doesn't make me a hater. Remember? I said I like the guy. He was the best rider in the sport after RC left and before RV came up to speed. In his short reign as SX/MX king, he was dominant. Maybe not as impressive or as long lived as RC or JM before that, but impressive all the same. I'm cool with the fact that he hasn't dominated like RC or JM. I hope those days are gone for good. Those two made watching SX and MX kinda boring. RV is now starting to show some dominance, here's hoping that is short lived too.
  15. RacerXr

    Supercross.com team no more short to jgr for outdoors.

    James fueled the hype and still does. I'm not knocking him for it. He usually does it without taking shots at the other riders. But, it's the reason he gets some grief when he faulters. He had his moment in the sun and he still has a strong following that likes to keep him there. As far as setting the bar extremely high, he's never done anything no else has ever done. So it's not like he pushed it to new heights. He just picked it up from those that came before him and passed it on to others since. To hear it from Sheman and others, you would think he invented the sport.