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  1. 455


    U4,4 will make more power than pump in a direct swap out. E85 can too, but it needs support more compression and or after a timing advance after the AFR is set correctly. Its a poor mans race fuel that can be a pain to fire up in cold weather. It has its plusses and minuses.
  2. Don't worry about it, but clean up the reeds. Its just residue from gas, oil and combustion.
  3. 455

    uneven piston ring wear

    Its a lubrication issue Michael ...the exhaust port is where all the heat is. So the ring wears there if the oil is not up to the task to not evaporate in combustion. Been down this road many times and Klotz R50 was the cure.....
  4. 455

    uneven piston ring wear

    Clean up the cylinder with a Scotch brite pad. Run a good quality 2 stroke oil like Klotz R50 and you wont have that kind of ring wear again.
  5. 455

    Eric Gorr YZ144 Setup ?

    A timing advance is a must do on the 144 over the 125 as a start due to the increased bore area....that and race gas equal more power as they go hand an hand..
  6. 455

    Bearing install with hydraulic press

    I always warm the cases, freeze the bearings, they drop right in.....
  7. 455

    V force reeds

    V-3 or the new V-4 is an excellent mod for the 05 to current YZ 125 a solid 1hp gain with improved throttle response....
  8. True, not always the case but it is more than not.
  9. 455

    pro circit national spring tubes: first look

    Yes start with 300CC is fine for the FC sx seats as its always easier to add more than to take out. I haven't tested the national tubes, I never saw their design as a cost effective improvement over the FC sx seats.
  10. 455

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    All he would say....you'll know June 6th.
  11. 455

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    Friend at Yamaha in California told me.
  12. 455

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    for 2015 the YZ 250 gets updated, same frame and engine, but there are other changes. Finally.
  13. 455

    Yoshimura RS4 insert

    The 99DB 450 insert fits, its what I used.
  14. Both the 110/90 19 in the 32 and 52 are narrow and taller than any previous dunlops in this size. Im going to guess its because of the 250F's and their lesser power. The 120/80 is sized normally and is the only choice for 450's or 250 2 smokes. Only 250f's should run the new dunlops in the 110/90-19. Might as well run the 100/90-19 as the width of the tires are almost the same.
  15. 455

    Unlimited funds to build an engine

    Since this is a Honda forum and having to get a CRF 250 modded with unlimited funds? Id have Ron do it up because I cant think of any company that would put out a better motor than Ron. I currently run Rons components and have tested his competition. Ron wins.