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  1. n16ht5

    Rain/Winter Rising Gear

    Review of my Motorfist Alpha helmet http://www.thumpertalk.com/reviews/product/46275-motorfist-alpha-helmet/
  2. n16ht5

    Motorfist Alpha Helmet

    This helmet will change your riding satisfaction immediately. No more fogged goggles, strained neck, or headache after a hard day of riding and crashing. It is so light and comfortable that you will be concerned that it is actually a helmet. Rest assured, after being smacked by a snowbike tunnel HARD after cartwheeling in a crash landing, my confidence in its safety was set. At under 3lb or 1000g it feels like nothing. The shell size is MUCH smaller than my other MX helmets as well. I have a much more free range of motion when wearing it. I never put much thought into a riding helmet before, always going for the year end clearance or scouting craigslist for something cheap. I had put on my friends' high dollar helmets before, and never really felt the price difference to be worth it. They were still heavy and cumbersome. Enter the carbon fiber Alpha... amazing. It feels as light as a mountain bike helmet. It has a built in breath box that keeps the dual-pane Motorfist Peak Goggles from fogging. Occasionally I get snow in my goggles and they do fog.. a few seconds of blasting my exhaust on them and they are good to go again. I have yet to break out my extra goggles that I carry, even in the deepest days of snowbiking. That was never the case with my other helmets. Trying to fiddle an aftermarket breath box in usually held mediocre results. The fit is VERY snug on this helmet. There is no air gap anywhere when the goggles are on. Riding fast in 10F conditions my face was still warm and protected. The visor of the helmet has extra pieces, one being a Gopro mount, and the other a flashlight holder. This is my first review. I never planned to review anything, but I am very happy with this piece of gear. http://motorfist.com/alpha-helmet/20607-05/product/ Myself riding on my SnowtechMX snowbike A GoPro screenshot mounted on the Alpha's built in mount Matt Eary on Mt Baker
  3. n16ht5

    Motorfist Alpha Helmet

    1 review

    TECH SPECIFICATIONS Carbon Shell Composite Fusion™ Three Technology Extra Mounting Hardware Is Included Low Density Eps Foam For Greater Impact Absorption Integrated Airflow System Washable, Removable Liner Breakaway Visor Integrated Camera/light Mount For Perfect Filming Or Night Riding (Cam Version) Included Mounts Cover Gopro™, Light And Motion™, Nite Rider™, Maglite™, And Other Systems* Safety Compliance: DOT DELUXE TRAVEL BAG IS INCLUDED
  4. n16ht5

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    TigerTanger, killing me LOL that is hilarious
  5. n16ht5

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

  6. Braaaaaaapp.. words can't describe!! http://snowtechmx.com/
  7. n16ht5

    Rain/Winter Rising Gear

    Yeah, I found as soon as I stop I take goggles off immediately and keep them face up. They don't fog on me if I am moving faster than 1st gear. I try to shake off the snow from the vents too. Do you have a breath box on your helmet? That is the biggest difference by and far along with good goggles. I am getting a Motorfist Alpha snowmobile helmet and their goggles next week I will let you guys know what I think. http://motorfist.com/alpha-helmet/20607-05/product/