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  1. Hey there ! Nice ride! Where did you get this LED front light ?
  2. and an artistic one.......
  3. River crossing
  4. It happens with the standard tank too. I'm thinking of drilling a bigger hole to the tap (it's the beta billet one) Or maybe glue some heat absorbing sticker panel underneath the tank
  5. I got the CC linkage to my bike.2012 498rr Side by side to the original they look almost identical. The bike feels little more stable but i must service the rear so I can't say for sure
  6. Nice Bike... Is it Good???? ;-)
  7. :rolleyes:
  8. :lol: :lol:
  9. Spring time ride !
  10. nice and clean an with a 50tooth rear sprocket for extreme rides
  11. Start posting and please mr. Moderator pin it !!!! My 2012 498RR
  12. Hi from Greece ! Here is my 2012 beta rr498
  13. Hi!!!! 1st: Does an 2000-2001 426 tank will fit to my 2001 WRF? 2: Does the newer smaller rear break caliper fits to the old swing-arm? Thanx
  14. Thank you!!!
  15. I want to put a short stroke throttle tube on my WRF. Does the one from the YZF is shorter or I should look for an aftermarket?