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  1. If I offended you or your wife... Well too bad. I didn't think that side by side drivers are elitist ass holes, or ass holes of any sort. I do now. People like you should stay home.
  2. cse2c

    Cops and a grey farmers in one ride!

    Cunning ruse to start a worthless thread. Can't believe people are buying this crap.
  3. I am getting sick of them. They are everywhere. They're taking over. The new fad like golf carts. Shouldn't be surprised side by sides are the ultimate in laziness. Why ride something that takes effort when a person can just sit there.
  4. cse2c

    Fitness for Moto

    TRX great for core. If to expensive They sell a knock off at Walmart for 40 bucks golds gym type.
  5. Newer tech, not need to have but very nice. I will get one soon. My newest is 2008. Every 8 years seems about right to me. I'm just a play rider.
  6. Threads like these are my favorites. I love reading the comments. Very entertaining
  7. cse2c

    Storing Car Keys While Riding

    ^^Same as above. Water pack has a plastic clip for keys.
  8. cse2c

    Help me choose a bike.

    Six foot two and 260 at 17? Stop riding pick out a school to play football for. Slightly smaller 4t WR or CRF or 2t 200
  9. cse2c

    2000 YZ250 run away motor

    Think I found it. Air leak on motor side of carb, loose clamp
  10. cse2c

    2000 YZ250 run away motor

    Do you know if the YZ carb has a starter bypass on the choke like my RM?
  11. cse2c

    2000 YZ250 run away motor

    And why is the president urging me to re-finance my house? Checking carb
  12. cse2c

    2000 YZ250 run away motor

    Yah know... It does get wicked hot
  13. After bike gets to op temp motor gets a hanging idle. When bike is running this way for about a mile or two, then it starts revving erratically. Then it starts revving When it is revving to the moon uncontrollably kill switch will not kill motor. Flywheel has cam key in place, not sheared. Timing is set where manual says to. I have no device for doing so, but pretty good educated guess. Anyone encounter this type of thing with a 2t? Coil bad?
  14. cse2c

    Blake Baggett's Day at Highpoint.

    Good video. Wondered what happened to #4 in that race.
  15. cse2c

    Sweetest revenge

    Man. Some people. Why smash a kids plane? Riding your bikes on your own property is mild.