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  1. Docmarkw

    Little DRZ400s advise please

    I think one of the best add-ons you could buy for the DRZ400S is a manual kick starter. The complete kit cost around $200 and theres a pretty good write up with pictures to walk you through the installation process created by a Mr Cobbs. Everyone I know who has either the DRZ400S or the Kawasaki klx 400s (Same Bike) has had some sort of battery issue and since they have no kickstarter they either push start it or get a jump when the battery dies.
  2. Docmarkw

    California City helicopter rides?

    Thanks for the info, I have been going out to CA City for years now and haven't seen the new addition until now.
  3. I was out in Ca City over the three day weekend and saw a helicopter flying over each and every day and night. Does this have anything to do with the DIRT program?
  4. Docmarkw

    My first tire change

    Wait until you change a rear Maxxis. A buddy with a third or even a fourth tire iron makes it smoother.
  5. Docmarkw

    XR650R chain adjuster bolt question

    I am part of the should of greased it club and broke mine off too. I went with the larger ktm adjuster bolts and they work perfectly. Of course now I grease them every chance I get.
  6. This is from my 605R. I believe it had roughly 10 thousand miles on it at the time and 95% of the bikes life has been in the dirt. If you’re questioning it, just change them. Bearings are cheap and much easier to replace them then relacing a new hub.
  7. Docmarkw

    2002 DRZ 400s need help

    I checked the oil last night and sure enough it's full of gas. I'll hopefully put the bike back together this weekend and I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Docmarkw

    2002 DRZ 400s need help

    When I cleaned it originally I did use air and I did clean out orfices that were plugged. After reinstalling everything the bike ran great with the exception of when it would get hot. I did not notice the bike running rich nor did I check the float bowl, I have a clear gas line to the carb which I can see is full of fuel, but your right I need to check the bowl. I did check my oil and tried to smell for gas, but couldn't determine if it smelled like gas since the whole garage smells like gas. When I get home tonight I will go ahead and drain the oil to rule that out. So if the petcock is faulty would you suggest a rebuild of the same petcock or replace it with a WR petcock which I believe has a off position. I sure hope it cold be as simple as a leaking petcock.
  9. Docmarkw

    2002 DRZ 400s need help

    Forgot to mention I relpaced the spark plug too.
  10. Docmarkw

    2002 DRZ 400s need help

    I was reading something about that, but wouldn't you need the vaccume line hooked up for the gas through faulty petcock to drain in to the case?
  11. Docmarkw

    2002 DRZ 400s need help

    My son bought this bike with 3x3 mods and some other mods alreadly completed. So here is the problem I'm having and what I'm finding. The bike runs great while cold, when it gets warm it doesn't like to idle and stalls. When it stalls it's hard to start again and best way to start it again is with full throttle and crank it over. It will cough and come to life usually, but continues to idle poorly and die. I have taken the carb apart twice already and now I have it apart for the 3rd time. What I have found is the main jet is a 150 the pilot jet is a 25 and the needle is set at the middle position or 3rd grove down. The air fuel mixture screw is 2 1/2 out. The bike is usally run at seal level to maybe 4000 to 5000feet. When we purchased the bike it ran great and I only got into the carb because the bike sat to long and gummed up the jets. Other things I have found is the petcock vaccume tube has been eliminated and the nipple plugged along with two nipple on the carb which I'm assumming are for smog that have been blocked. The petcock is run in the prime position and it is getting plently of fuel. What else should I look at? In doing some reserch someone mentioned moving up to a 27.5 pilot jet, what do you think?
  12. Docmarkw

    Lastest find

    Looks like a great find. Check out the waterpump housing area, they have a tendancy to get pretty corroded. They were made out of magnesium and don't hold up well.
  13. Docmarkw

    (2) kx450's stolen !! Simi valley

    I'm in Thousand Oaks and will certainly keep an eye out. Pictures and description of anything unique to the bike would help.
  14. Docmarkw

    DRZ mileage compared to XR650R?

    I currently have both the 650R and the DRZ 400s sitting in the garage, as far as mileage goes the 650R gets on the average with stock gearing about 35mpg. The Drz with stock gearing looks to get about 50 mpg. The 650R has a 4.6 gallon tank and the Drz has a 3.1 tank so my range is close to 150-160 miles per tanks.
  15. I only know of two types of mounts for the 650R. The front mount the one your trying to avoid and the rear mount which uses the oil fill hole for the post. So your looking for a rear mount unit that doesn't utilize the oil fill hole. I don't know of anything on the market that would work for you. I carry the dipstick in my fender bag. I still need to remove the post to check oil levels, but just the post. I dont need to remove the stabilizer. Not the perfect solution, but better then the old set up.