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  1. Jens Eskildsen

    Well time for a redo on the 08 WR450

    Wow, thats some tight clearances at piston/cylinder. Whats the plan regarding replacing parts? Stick to the original plan? Oeh, and I know you heard this before, but that bike looks dead sexy.
  2. Jens Eskildsen

    Well time for a redo on the 08 WR450

    Piston looks like it has a tad bigger skirts than my wiseco, that should help with longevity.
  3. Jens Eskildsen

    Yz400f Wr400

    Have a look at youtube, this is the first that came up for my search. If possible, change the title on the thread to something more related to your problems "yz400 electrical issues" or something like that.
  4. Jens Eskildsen

    Wr450 Maintenance from manual

    I really dont think it matters, on cars we have a milage, or annual change, cant see why it should go bad in 3 months. I think id do all the service when putting the bike away, that way its ready for spring.
  5. Jens Eskildsen

    08 wr450 valve replacement

    Theres still A, B, C pistons out there for bikes of today, even for our bikes. Not all are listed as it, but by looking at the specs you can easely find pistons with 1 or 2 thoudsands of a milimeter over stock size.
  6. Jens Eskildsen

    Yz400f Wr400

    Have you done any meassuring with a multimeter to see if everything is in spec? stator, pickup, coil ect? After that, start meassuring voltage and see if theres 12v at the coil ect.
  7. Jens Eskildsen

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Well not today, but video from a recent ride with my friend on a ktm450:
  8. Jens Eskildsen

    Wr 450 bump start only

    Wouldnt the neutral switch prevent the bike to start in gear, eventhouh the clutchswitch is disabled? ☺️
  9. Jens Eskildsen

    Dyno pulls on the new CRF450L

    Awesome stuff, cant wait, and I dont even own the bike, nor intend to buy it. Just wanting to shout of how greatly appreciated many of us are 😃
  10. Jens Eskildsen

    Pop on decel (sometimes small flame) help!!!!!

    Look up partnumber 5GS-14940-00-00
  11. Jens Eskildsen

    Pop on decel (sometimes small flame) help!!!!!

    Have a look at the coasting enricher, its a small membrane cutting of air on decel. Its on the left side of the carb, and is held on with 2 screws. Here shown on a different (xt600) carb:
  12. Jens Eskildsen

    Timing on my wrf400

    If you set it at the wrong TDC, you probably bent your valves. Take the valve cover up and have a look.
  13. Jens Eskildsen

    2016 WR450F dead electrics

    On my wr250r (i know, way different bike) i blew a fuse which casue the e-start to not work, neither did the display and the blinkers. I think the fuse was labeled "signal" I know you checked this, but it could be a good idea to check the wires in that curcuit.
  14. Jens Eskildsen

    2008 WR450F?

    Yeah, its also always a good idea to verify that the VIN on the title matches whats actually on the bike.
  15. Heres a pic of my oilscreen on my '04 (at the bottom of the picture): [/img]