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  1. steve_k

    Coolant expansion tank filling up?

    I haven't tried the clear tubing - I went for the oem hose when mine started leaking - turned out to be a pinhole right up by the radiator cap
  2. steve_k

    Coolant expansion tank filling up?

    you might want to also check the hose from the radiator to the catch tank. If it has even a very small hole in it, the vaccuum created when the radiators cool off will be lost and the fluid in the catch tank will not return to the radiators -
  3. steve_k

    What would you use for a Tow Rope?

    I carry a ~20' piece of 1" tubular webbing. Like for rock climbing. It packs down small and is super strong.
  4. steve_k

    Rear Rack for DRZ-400k

    hey I have a kicker as well. I ended up buying a sm subframe so i could carry stuff on the fender. I believe promoto billet sells a bike specific rack for the drz400e - same subframe.
  5. steve_k

    AAA ruined my weekend

    hey, maybee you should join the ama - if you are a certain level of membership they cover motorcycle towing
  6. steve_k

    2001 DRZ, kick start only - so frustrated!

    hey randm. I have a 2000 kick only drz. It can be a real pain in the ass to start when hot for sure. My advice, apart from what everyone else has said so far, is to use the hot start button, in fact I relocated my hotstart to the handlebar - I use it that often - there are a few manufacturers that make this setup. Also you might think about adding a fan to the radiator to keep the engine temps a bit cooler when you are riding slow, technical singletrack. good luck! edit: Also when it is really hot, or maybee you have flooded it, try this procedure: hold the decomp lever down, open the throttle all the way (and hold it open) then kick it through maybee 10 - 15 times. This will help clear the cylinder and get a fresh fuel/air mixture ready to go. After this close the throttle, let the decomp lever reset, and kick it!
  7. steve_k

    new to me drz400k with sudden no spark

    i have a manual for the kicker model: troubleshooting: spark plug not sparking: 1. damaged spark plug 2. damaged spark plug cap 3. fouled spark plug 4. wet spark plug 5. defective ingnition coil 6. open or short in high tension coil 7. defective generator 8. defective cdi unit
  8. hey Dan, I have a pair of the sidi chargers and love em. They were a bit stiff at first, being a full mx boot, but once broken in and i got used to them, they are great. btw - 40 yrs old, ride hard, gnarly singletrack, dirt roads, pavement, whatever. Actually did 650 mile, about 1/2 pavement roadtrip couple summers ago in those boots.
  9. steve_k

    Help oil leak

    i believe that you need to have the c/s sprocket on and torqued down tight in order for the oil seal to work as it should.
  10. steve_k


    I just picked up a mt43 rear tire. Im going to go with a mt16 for the front
  11. steve_k

    Engine Ice in winter.

    i use it, the label says good to -26 deg f.
  12. As far as the rear fender goes, most aftermarket ones fit the "e" model but must be trimmed a bit to fit the "s" model. There is a good write up with photos on here somewhere of what needs cut. I installed an "s" subframe and cut my original fender to fit. edit: here's the link, thanks to Retroranger: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/422307-how-to-modify-an-e-fender-for-an-s-or-sm/
  13. steve_k

    rear master cylinder

    Yeah, good point. I replaced the front last spring when I installed a braided line. - pita to bleed - took me like 2 hours. I need to get the right tool to make this easier - which bleeder would be a good choice ? something like this work ok, https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/Motion-Pro-Hydraulic-Brake-Bleeder-p4451760.html or is a vaccuum bleeder necessary?
  14. steve_k

    Deep water cutting off bike

    take the seat off and route the vent lines up past the subframe mouning bolt, and along both sides of the intake on top of the airbox - at least that is what I did.....
  15. steve_k

    Deep water cutting off bike

    which carb? on an fcr there are 2 vents on each side. Route one on each side up under the seat above the air box.