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  1. Pr1malR8gw

    What are the universal parts for kx250f's?

    Don't think you looked at the orriginal post date of this. This was started back in 2010. Nice job bringing back the dead.. This thread died years ago.. at any rate to answer you question, NO! Kawi redesigned the entire engine in the 2009 model year of the KX250. Cams are not interchangeable.
  2. Pr1malR8gw

    Can any tell me what this part is.

    BTW, that breather hose is not a necessity if you're riding in DRY conditions. There is a spring retained screen in the case. It will prevent any debris from getting in. How ever it can be come clogged and over pressurize the case, and if you're riding in wet conditions with out the hose you could get water ingestion.
  3. Pr1malR8gw

    Josh Grant - What's on left side of engine

    It's an oil cooler. line 1 is top right, line 2 is bottom left. As far as airflow being less, it still has surface area and still reducing temprature.
  4. Pr1malR8gw

    KXF 250 09 jet exhuast

    replace the pilot jet. also verify that the fuel screw is still there and is not missing spring washed and oring. also verify that hot start plug is not sticking. adjust idle to 1200rpms
  5. Hey, been lazy havent rode in two years. Want to ride again but need to rebuild my Forks. anyone in Northwest indiana have an SFF spring compressor they would be willing to loan or help me with? Pls PM me if you are willing to help a brotha get back on the saddle.
  6. Just to give you a heads up about the red pipe. It is normal for them to glow red hot right out of the head around the curved radius of the header. the pipe can glow with in 20-30seconds of start up. These bike were never ment to sit and idle.. They require constant airflow or they over heat rather quickly..
  7. Pr1malR8gw

    Kx250f 2011 shit the bed! - with video

    hoonduh thinks it crap doesnt smell.. Its hard to get any mfg to admit problems. Kawi wouldn't admit outright the 07 had a blind bering problem either. Kawi covered the entire engine for that one also.. In terms I find kawi to be probably the best on resolving issues when they truly don't have to.. Remember no warentee.
  8. Pr1malR8gw

    Kx250f 2011 shit the bed! - with video

    From kawasaki, why do you think they paid for my engine?
  9. Pr1malR8gw

    Will a 04 Stator Work On 06

    NO NO NO.. Sorry but do not mix any electrical systems.. 04-05 work with eachother 06-08 work with eachother 09-10 work with each other
  10. Pr1malR8gw

    New 2014 not running right

    Umm yes you have FI but it wont just figure it self out.. This is a closed loop system I.e. NO OXY/MAF sensor for it to determine that it needs more/less fuel.. Therefor it still must be reprogramed for extream altitudes.
  11. Pr1malR8gw

    Kx250f 2011 shit the bed! - with video

    Ok, to shed light.. The 2011's rods had issues.. They changed the crank in 2012 because of this.. My 2011 tossed the rod at low hrds ~22hrs if I remember right.. At any rate kawi covered the cases, crank, and a few other things. I still had over 1500 in parts I had to purchase and I was fortunate enough to get a free valve job from MXtime.com Thanks dave you are the best. anyways yes the 2011 cranks are prone to failure.
  12. Ok try this till you get the new jets. Take the pilot jet out and soak it in sea foam for an hour and then kerosene or minimal spirits. Next take a pin needle like that put in a pincushion or used for holding while hemming. Use this to scrape the inside of the pilot jet. Make sure you check the fuel screw that it's 2 turns out from fully seated. Give that a go
  13. Pr1malR8gw

    New 2014 not running right

    does the bike do it right away like immediatly after the first start of the day? or after it's been upto full temp?
  14. Btw Im not playing keyboard warrior here.. Some people are in denial that the 42 pilot is pretty much the holygrail for the pilot jet in the kx250f in prettymuch 90% of the world. Only in extreame altitudes does it require smaller and I haven't heard of people needing larger for the most part sept in low level area in 10* or colder climates. Went through this with Williams what ever his name was. Complaining that someone should waste their time going through the tuning steps to only figure out the 42 was the correct choice in the first place.. In each case that I've recommended the 42 pilot jet and someone has said they should piss with the fuel screw and determain it's the pilot jet those that did came back and said Yup it needed the 42 pilot. But hey if you want to spend the time and to figure out which pilot jet the bike needs by doing the full fuel screw idle test then by all means do it atleast start with a new pilot jet with the exact size that was in it when it ran. Good Luck.
  15. Not sure which plate you're talking about. If the airfilter is sealing the intake and that plate is just gone allowing more air into the airbox, putting that back in probably will not solve the issue.. Check the fuel screw. See if its missing. if it isn't take it out but first count how many times it takes to turn it to tighten it where it stops turning then unscrew and remove it.. there should be a spring a metal washer and an o-ring. If any of those are missing well you get the picture.. If all is there and it was in the range of 1.5-2.5 turns to tighten then put it back to that and check the pilot which is most likely the issue. I know I sound like a broken record but those things have such a small diameter opening that any thing from a grain of sand, to corosion or gun build up will clog it enough to prevent it from starting.. The Pilot circuit affects idle to around 1/8-1/4th of the throttle range. I have fixed countless no start/idle issues because of the pilot jet.