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  1. DAVID1

    Honda Odessey with a CRF 250 or 450 engine?

    why do that? you are talking aboout putting a 4 stroke motor in a atv that already has a 400 2 stroke in it. I just bought a 85 odyssey that has been bored to a 400 because the 85 to 88 have the 350 and it goes 90+ on the sand. full coversion to water cooled. I bought it from a guy in Arizona that dessert races them. This thing is bad ass:thumbsup:
  2. DAVID1

    03 drz 400s dying

    my o3 drz 400s has got a dyno jet kit white brothers air filter and a yosh comp exaust. i bought that filter cleaning system that is enviormently friendly no-toil.my bike would not idle anyway i used the filter grease and got some on my screen an most likely in my carb so i figured that was the idling problem and it was. now when i am going down a hill with no throttle my bike dies and starts really hard almost wont start at all any ideas
  3. DAVID1

    DRZ 400s headlight????????????????

    alot of people are willing to just give there stock headlight away not that i dont appreciate it but is it that bad of a setup to run stock headlights or should i just get an aftermarket one help?????? :D
  4. man out on the trail rippin it up then all the sudden a rock from nowhere wheres it hit of course my head light busted it right out stock lense around here they say at the shop is 100 bucks with tax what does the all mighty tt members recomend. i dont know wheather to buy stock again and next time or the time after the same thing happens what do i do :D
  5. DAVID1

    ufo tail light ass.

    i got it all hooked up looks good but the blinkers blink a hundred miles an hour is that right if not what do i do :D
  6. DAVID1

    graphics and seat kit

    i know of a great place to get some sweet graphics and seat covers pm me and i give you the web adress
  7. how do you install the ufo tail light ass. on the drz 400 im new to this kinda stuff
  8. DAVID1

    drz 400s stock header and exaust

    i just watched a stock header go for 90 bucks and the one for 40 bucks was just the muffler mine is the whole system is 75 to much for a complete system
  9. i am selling my stock exaust system on ebay for 75 bucks to start is that asking to much stores say it retails for over 450 and i dont need it any more new at all of this 4 strokes ebay i am a rookie
  10. DAVID1

    garmin gps

    anyone know where i can get cds for maps on my garmin legend for cheaper than 100 bucks im looking for the roads and rec cd
  11. DAVID1

    parts questions

    220.00 or 170.00 is there a cheaper way to go for a gas tank i need to get rid of the 300lb metal tank i have now
  12. DAVID1

    parts questions

    is there a link to get to clarke or ims
  13. DAVID1

    parts questions

    i was wondering if anybody could help me out i have a yoshi comp ex. on my drzs and the po po told me that my exaust was to loud how do i make it a little quieter for the exaust police. also where do i get a aftermarket gas tank
  14. for anybody that has a blue drz 400 like me who is trying to get a blue seat cover and the graphics kit for a steal pm me i know where to get 3 more for about 80 buck plus shipping thats a complete kit that retails for 190+
  15. DAVID1


    was wondering what kind of handlebars to get for my drz 400 i looked at thumper talk and got more confused than anything with the sizes and dimensions of the bars all i know about bars is hold on and ride. i like the renthals im not to fond of pro tapers (just love to ride)