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  1. bgjames111

    kx 250

  2. bgjames111

    Nearly Brand new 1998 kx250!!!!!

    If I were in the market for a bike I'd consider it for $2500 or so. I'm not a racer, and I don't care about having the very latest technology. I have a 2000 kx250 and I enjoy it a lot.
  3. I'm kind of curious to see your picture
  4. It's a smart move really. As the populace ages, so does the motocross crowd. They are betting that all of us over 30 (and apparently some in their 20's) are not digging the new style gear, and are longing for a look we are more familiar with. I imagine they'll sell quite a few as long as the price is decent. I'm liking the green or the red white and blue!
  5. bgjames111

    Tall ratio trans

    I notice on my 2000 kx 250 that first and second feel really similar! I would love a lower 1st gear or a taller second.
  6. bgjames111

    First Bike for Old(er) Guy

    I agree with the last post, but it could be any of the later model 2-strokes, YZ, RM, KX, CR. The other bike I have owned was the Suzuki DRZ 400. It's a great bike, had electric start as an option (S, and E model). I prefer my 2 stroke 250 now, but the DRZ400 took me everywhere I wanted to go.
  7. bgjames111

    What's Your Winter Project?

    2000 kx250-new top end, check all linkage bearings, wheel bearings, and change fork oil.
  8. bgjames111

    new fender and number plate...

    I have the "new" style UFO green fender on the front of my 2000. THe color doesn't match perfectly though.
  9. bgjames111

    How often should you change your tranny oil?

    No body ever ruined a transmission because they changed the oil too frequently.
  10. bgjames111

    Kiwi does Street (DS)

    DRZ 400s is a great bike. I had a 2003 and really had a good time for it. I rode it off road A LOT! The only complaint, is that the seat is a bit high for a street bike, but so what, how much time to you spend with your feet touching the street??? lol!
  11. bgjames111

    Beginner Bike for wife?

    I'd go with A tw200, but maybe not the one with the salvage title. If she's anything like my wife, she's going to hate the kick start.
  12. I would definately consider the 300 2t. Bummer is there isn't a nearby dealer.
  13. Megadeth may be the exception, but you're probably going to get a lot of answers that start with "I heard", and not much actual experience.
  14. bgjames111

    1998 CR250 or 2000 KX 250

    Over priced??? Not where I live. I guess the bikes in Montana just sell for more. The advice of spend another $500 and get one that runs is actually really good advice. If you bought the kawasaki, and it needed a top end, bottom end, and a carb, you'd be into it for a lot more than $1500. I paid $1500 for my 2000 kx250 a few months ago, and that is a very average price for where I live.
  15. bgjames111

    1998 CR250 or 2000 KX 250

    Actually, both are two stroke bikes. Both are probably good. WHen I was looking, I would have bought a honda if I would have found one in good condition. I honestly think that since they're both 10 y/o bikes, neither is a "high end race bike" any more. Both, would be great "fun bikes". My recommendation stands with the Kawasaki, only because it seems by your description that it is in much better shape. If the carb is trashed, and worst comes to worst, you can buy a used carb off of ebay for cheap, that will likely work. I see them on there ALL the time. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/KX250-KAWASAKI-2000-KX-250-00-KEIHIN-CARBURETOR-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem563e69ba83QQitemZ370414303875QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories