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  1. uggtek

    XT350 secondary 106 carb main jet?

    is the xt600 carb jet ,the same jet as the secondary carb on the xt350? Ie is the jet threaded on the outside so it fits in the emulsion tube . size 105/106 uggtek
  2. uggtek

    XT350 secondary 106 carb main jet?

    I tried the uk dealer , and they dont seem to know what they are? fowlers uk say standard fitting jet isnt listed,or they cant find it on the microfiche. Ive tried ebay , i can only get micuni , or kehein. I cant believe no one has one , everyone seems to of upped there jet , so there must be loads about in the spare jet tin. I will try and find another Yamaha dealer , see if they can get me one. ta uggtek
  3. Dose anyone know where i can get a (Teikei 24mm Y26PV ) Secondary carb, size 106 main jet from? This is standard fitting for the Yamaha XT350. I have a 102 , its too lean , and i need a 106. Many have upped there secondary , so there must be some around? pm me if you have a spare . paypall waiting. Thanks uggtek
  4. uggtek

    xt350 question..

    "my throttle cable snapped 5 miles from home." Bugger, always the case, at lest ye got yer carb workin now:thumbsup:
  5. uggtek

    XT350 gearing?

    19 /55 will give you 80mph at the very best . if you drop a tooth of the rear sprocket 54 , this will drop your revs at the top end. You will probably only still get 80mph (in the real world) remember clocks are usualy 5 mph out , as read faster than the bike is actually travelling. Bear in mind 80mph you are at the close end of the redline. 70mph is high cruising speed. I have a 520 chain 16/44 . My bike is geared for 80mph. I cruise at 55,60mph , as to not tax the motor too much. It will pull up to 80mph , if needed , but not recommended to hold on too long. uggtek
  6. uggtek

    Yamaha XT 350 help rebuild

    Is your clutch arm which connects to the clutch cable at the engine end, set in the correct position? ie when the clutch is just engaged (just after free play is taken up) is the arm aligned with the marking on the casings opposite the clutch arm. The cable can feel tighter if the arm is out of alignment.
  7. Simple question Will the snail chain adjuster from a XT250 serrow , fit the XT350 swing arm? uggtek
  8. uggtek

    520 chain conversion for XT350

    Thanks for the replys guys. The set up i went for is : 16 front of a XT600 (1984-86) 45 rear of a Xt250 120 link non o ring 520 HD chain , cut down to 103 links I get good acceleration and it pull's well. Top end i could only get 67mph but my bloody clutch is slipping . (bugger) Will report back top speed when clutch replaced. I found a performance clutch advertised on ebay from Sweden . Its brand name is Moto Technica , they are supposed to be as good or better that OEM plates. 5 springs and 7 corks delivered £29 yamaha wanted £100+vat and delivery. Thats three times as much as other kit Will see if ive got a good deal or not? uggtek
  9. I have a 1985 XT350 which is currently running a 425 chain and sprocket set up. I would like to fit a 520 chain and sprocket upgrade. Im unsure what size sprockets to fit on standard gearing, and how many chain links to order. Ive seen an advert on ebay that recommends i fit for a 520 set up. 16 front , 44 rear , with a 120 link chain. Is this the correct set up for standard gearing ? Thanks uggtek
  10. Thanks for the reply . Ive had the 55/60 w H4 bulb fitted for a couple of weeks now. works fine I get a good strong beam , and not much drop in light when on tickover. Much better than the 35/35w poxy bulb. uggtek
  11. Hi just to confirm whats been said with higher wattage bulbs on the XT350. I have a 1985 XT350, running ac to headlight, rear light is dc from battery using a LED tail piece , no indicators , or idiot lights . A power draw of 1 watt from battery. My headlight is running a TZR250 headlight which has the fitting to take a H4 bulb, and fits into the "OE" XT350 headlight cowl . My headlight bulb running on AC is 35/35 w My question is , has anyone run a 55/60 H4 bulb without damaging the lighting coil on the stator? Im going to try a 45/45w bulb to get a bit more light out of the headlight . I thought the stock bulb was a 35/35 w bulb for the XT350 not 40/45w ? My battery shows 14/15 v on the tester when engine runing, lights switched on. It shows 12v on tester when engine off , and lights on through dc (battery). Everything runs ok ,no bulbs blowing. Id just like to fit a more powerful bulb , but dont want to damage my AC lighting coil. A bit long winded , but i hope you get what im on about uggtek
  12. uggtek

    yamaha xt350 exhaust system

    Cut it down , if it has pop rivets , re drill and rivet . I did mine and it was a lil louder , but not too loud , and it looks better on the XT350 rear end. uggtek
  13. Hi this is my 1st post , so im going to make it a good one Im currently running my XT350 directly of DC. My light is very poor, battery checks out at 14,15v without lights. With lights , 10.5v with engine running and a good charge in battery. My bike was stolen ,and the battery wasnt there when i recovered it back. The bike has been converted to run directly of DC, ive not wired up the AC yet. I need to run some checks , if the alternator is giving out enough charge to the battery , to maintain the correct voltage to run my headlight. 12v Im using a 35/35w halogen bulb, inside a TZR250 headlight, (already converted to H4 halogen bulb) fits the same as the XT350 headlight . I have a clymer manual , and know what to check as to the lighting charging systems is concerned. My only question is ; can anyone tell me what charging rate from the UK speck English bikes are running on the DC lighting system? Will my standard 3amp battery run my lights ok. I dont have indicators, my rear light is LED stop, tail. Ive saved around 21w , so with a good battery , alternator , and regulator rectifier. i should have a good 12v on DC to run my headlight with a good beam at night. Thanks for any info uggtek