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  1. flip18436572

    Omaha Riding This Weekend?

    I hope you guys are having fun with this great riding weather. All three of my families dirt bikes are gone, so I am out of dirt riding. Good luck with everything and have a great time. I enjoyed it a lot, but didn't have the time anymore.
  2. flip18436572

    Omaha Riding This Weekend?

    KTM IS SOLD TTR is still for sale.
  3. flip18436572

    Omaha Riding This Weekend?

    1999 KTM 250 SX. I only used it for trail riding. 2001 TTR 125L. I bought it for my daughter and she has never ridden it this year. email me if you want more information and both are listed on omaha.craigslist.org with pictures. plamb AT mchsi DOT com
  4. flip18436572

    NEDirtbikr out for the season...

    Mark, Sorry to hear about this. I have not been on the forum for quite a while, as my bikes are not getting used and I am going to put them up for sale. Heal up and get back at it when it is safe to do so. I wish I had time to ride.
  5. flip18436572

    Omaha Riding This Weekend?

    I see you are all still riding. I am putting my KTM and my daughter's TTR125L up for sale. We haven't had one chance to ride in over a year. I hope someone else will be able to use them more than me. There just is not enough time in the day for my hobbies and her schedule.
  6. flip18436572

    River Valley flooding

    Their website has been bad for many years and worse in the last year. I don't know what happened, but it is too bad when we are trying to find out more information. Any idea on which month it will be open, and if they will have anyone with bird nets trying to keep the mosquitoes from carrying people away like Jurrasic Park.
  7. flip18436572

    St.joe Ohv State Park Conditions

    My daughter is going to school in St. Joe, and they were getting dumped on also, when we were getting drenched in south west Iowa. Don't know if that is any help or not.
  8. flip18436572

    Omaha Guys...April 5/6

    Mike, Are you interested in a KTM? http://omaha.craigslist.org/mcy/642566327.html I know the guy and he is on the up and up. He will tell you everything you want to know about the bike.
  9. flip18436572

    Omaha guys 4/12 Sunday

    Yes I saw the replays of Reed screwing up his shoulder and chest and ribs. Mike, I am with you. If my wheels are of the ground more than a foot or so, something is definitely wrong and I am going to be needing a trip in the ambulance, unless I get really lucky. I used to do anything with skate boards, bicycles and dirt bikes, but now that I am 44 and have a wife and two daughters, my brain keeps me somewhat grounded.
  10. flip18436572

    OFF TOPIC - Iowa People

    If you want good crappie, you need to find someone with access to some farm ponds and not the state lakes, unless they know the state lakes and some secret spots.
  11. flip18436572

    OFF TOPIC - Iowa People

    You are on the wrong side of the state for me to help you out much. There are some smaller lakes, but with the forecast of rain and snow, you may not want to be fishing this weekend. Good luck with the fishing!!!!!
  12. flip18436572

    Last 2stroke vs DRZ

    There are some street legal 2-stroke KTM's, but that would probably depend upon your state's requirements. Iowa is one of the hardest to get a non-street legal bike legal to ride on the streets. But, I have seen a few 2002 KTM's that have been able to be street legal with full lights and turn signals. I can never buy one when they are for sale though, so I have my 2-stroke for off-road only.
  13. flip18436572

    Omaha Guys...April 5/6

    Mike, do you want a 2-smoke or 4-stroke?
  14. flip18436572

    Omaha Guys...April 5/6

    Mike, I am up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to run, lift or swim as my normal work out, so no big deal. Too bad the family is coming this weekend, as I would probably trailer street and dirt up and then ride on the street with you guys and then go ride dirt at RV after.
  15. flip18436572

    Omaha Guys...April 5/6

    Hey Mike, When and where is your ride on Saturday? What about the Ducati open house? Anything good going on? I have family in from out of state, but I don't think any of them are riding in, so I will probably have to stay home.