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    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    I have been using them in both the front and rear for two years now and I believe the issues people are having are mostly due to technique. I can change a Tubliss in the same time as a tube and am a lot less worried about a pinch with Tubliss. Finished second in an offroad race last weekend where I road the last 4 of 7 laps with a flat front. Pulled the tire off, cleaned the wheel and Tubliss bladder, plugged the hole cut by a sharp rock and it is holding air and ready to go again. Moose are the only other system that can survive that. Moose is a good system but I personally don't like them because they are heavier than the Tubliss and are not adjustable like Tubliss. I took the time to learn how the system was designed, picked tough carcass tires (Goldentyre and MotoZ), followed the installation instructions exactly and I personally have never been happier. Be aggressive with the soap and water! I am an expert rider and mechanic with 40 years of racing and extreme trail riding experience to back up my opinion on this.