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  1. Does any one know if the inner and outer clutch cover from a 2005 drz 400s will fit a 2002 drz 400s?
  2. 717billh

    First time working on Carb - need guidance

    Watch this. This is a good starting point. carb starts around 2 min
  3. 717billh

    Trevorton Cliff climbing

  4. 717billh

    Should have never cleaned the Kehin

    I would check the slide to be sure its in properly. With my rmz it will go in upside down and the exact same thing happens
  5. sounds like smtripper got the shaft sorry to hear that, I hope others take warning. I read many threads on this behavior of his. I never dealt with him, by the time i needed work done bad stuff was coming out. He use to have A+ rep. with great reviews it was hard to find anything bad on him. but that is all i hear from his shop now. he gives internet business a bad name, hope you get your money back. not sure how you file a law suite over state lines with out it costing more than you have in it which may be what he is counting on. buy the way if someone broke my motor down and completed a rebuild i would expect a new spark plug and oil filter to do any less is not taking pride in your work who in there right mind would not do those things considering the extent of the rebuild. Why would he not include break in directions how can he stand behind his work with out this.
  6. 717billh

    Bent Rim

    Hi guys maybe one of you will have an answer to my problem? The front rim on my drz 400 is bent i must have hit a big rock. I don't see and nasty dings, but the rim is slightly oval. It is unpleasant to ride on the road, off road i don't notice it much. is this something that can be straightened or is a new rim in my future?
  7. 717billh

    Oh no, what have i done

    check the slide to be sure it's not upside down. this happened to me just not sure if it was the rmz or drz it would only run with the choke on
  8. Hopefully some of you knowledgeable people can point me in the correct direction. Yesterday i went on a trail ride with my kids i was jumping the dizzer 02 drz400s then i started hearing some sort of electrical sound when i cracked the throttle. i thought what's that, i could not identify the noise, kept riding because i had the kids. rode with this noise for about 2 hours then all of a sudden i was doing some high speed passes and the bike cut out, not totally died but a lose of power, it will ideal well and run like normal below 1/4 throttle. even in neutral it breaks up. I have not gone over the bike in a while, it time to break it down, clean it up, obviously i'll pull and clean the carb, look for loose connections and burnt wires has anyone else experienced this. from closed to 1/4 throttle plenty of power,or i should say seems normal i ran the bike like that for another 2 hours, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. On another note i only ride the bike on dirt would it be wise to remove as much of the electronics as possible for more reliability? not that this bike has been unreliable just for simplicity. I would only want the e-start, headlight, and radiator fans, or is this more trouble than its worth, maybe this would be a good time to do all the free mods as well
  9. 717billh

    Drz 400 Skid Plate Recommendations

    This is the one i have. many large bashes holding up well http://www.ricochetoffroad.com/store/page165.html
  10. 717billh

    When do you call it quits?

    Sounds like you guys should stick to trail riding and keep your wheels on the ground. Especially at your age. Got rid of my mx bike because i could see something like that happening to my self. its real easy to blow off the top of a coal bank. I never crashed but i realized a 38 year old with a young family has no business being 15' in the air especially after a 15 year hiatus. now i ride 3 times a month with my kids and still in one piece. Knock on wood. I hope you guys recover well and are not in chronic pain. after you heal. good luck
  11. 717billh

    05 yz85 service manual

    I need a service manual i was hoping someone out there could send me a pdf. for a yz85 i could not find a free one online like i've done with my other bikes which i find hard to believe these bikes haven't changed forever. I just traded a trx90 for a yz 85 for my son. spent $400 on parts to make it tight but before i break it down i need torque specs and basic information. we will be breaking the entire bike down. Can anybody HELP! i'm just trying to be cheap on this because i just spent $400.
  12. 717billh

    DRZ400 rear sprocket

    those running a 13 up front may want to keep an eye on their chain guard my was worn out and ready to eat into the swing arm after about 3000 miles.
  13. 717billh

    It's really sucks WHEN ...

    it sucks when you go to pop a wheelie through a puddle only to find out the mud almost comes up to the radiators. 2 1/2 hrs to get out of that one, that is when i realized how heavy the drz is.
  14. I sold my 250f because it was under powered compared to my drz. But it did feel like a mountain bike when i switched bikes. for trails it was good. mine was a suzuki so when it flamed out i had a hard time starting it. but if you like to tractor up hills you will be disappointed just my opinion
  15. 717billh

    Why the quad hatred?

    i hate quads because of the all the dirt they kick up and they are slow. nothing worse then following a quad rider. well maybe following several quad riders and if i lead they cry that the trails are to narrow. its not rocket science easy answer for me